What to Eat for Healthy Hair


Healthy shiny hair is a dream to all of us. We have a notion that we can have and maintain healthy hair using various expensive hair care products. Therefore, we all run after this mirage and get opposite result. We do not think with once that hair care product is not all about to have healthy hair. It is true that maintaining a perfect hairline for long is not that easy task. Hair growth relies on your diet, stress level and genes.


If you want to strengthen your hair from root then it has to be begun with your food habit. Some foods are good for growing and maintaining healthy hair.




Salmon fish is essential for healthy hair growth and the reason is, it contains omega-3 fatty acids necessary for healthy hairline. Omega-3 fatty acids contains anti-inflammatory characteristics, which helps to open follicles. It is favorable for growing healthy hair. When you hair becomes pale and fry it means your hair lacks omega-3 fatty acids.




It is a mine of various minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy hair. It is rich with vitamin B, E, C, potassium, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. These nutrients particularly iron bears oxygen rich blood to follicles. So hair remains healthy and shiny.


Lentils and Legumes


Biotin a nutrient that keeps hair-growing process on for long period. Lentils are filled with these biotin, and zinc along with protein. Protein is main food of hair, which strengthen hair strands. Make sure that you have include a lot of lentils and legumes in your meal.


Sweet Potatoes


It contains beta-carotene, which creates a chain reaction in body. When our body consume beta-carotene it is converted to vitamin A. if vitamin A become deficient then skin will be dry and cause dandruff. Dandruff inflicted scalp will be precondition of hair fall.  




It is rich with zinc, which is necessary for keeping hair glands healthy to produce oil to scalp. If zinc deficiency is occurred then it may lead to extreme hair loss.




Egg is not only be eaten for healthy hair but also it can be applied on scalp for strong and shiny hair. It is high in protein, biotin, and vitamin B, which are required for strong hold of hair strands.




Biotin is a nutrient that is profusely found in walnuts. It is already mentioned that biotin improves hair growth, decreases hair fall, strengthen hair strands. It prevents hair breakage as it contains vitamin E.




Carrots made foods is good not only for hair but also for eyes. It keeps balance of healthy and natural oil to scalp so your hair looks healthy and natural. It is not boring to eat carrots as you eat it as raw and cooked as well. There are many dishes can be made with carrots.




As necessity of protein is already mentioned, so high protein rich food like poultry must be included in your every meal. If your body does not get required amount of protein then it affects your whole body system and hair as well. If protein is not supplied to body then hair will become pale and start to fall.




It is good source of copper, which controls hair color. So your hair remains stays with natural hair color. It is recommended to take 1.5 mg copper per day. If you eat a cup of mushroom then you will get that amount of copper. To keep natural hair color it is needed to eat mushroom daily basis.


Beans, strawberries, pumpkin seeds etc. are also some example of magical foods that promotes healthy hair. Although it is not possible to eat all these items every day, rather you can alternate these items every other day.

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