What is The Cause of Patchy Hair Loss?

Patchy hair loss is known as alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease. An unpredictable hair loss can be occurred at any age with anyone. When it happens to someone, he or she faces small patches sporadically around the scalp. But sometimes lead to complete hair loss. The causes of patchy hair loss are very complex so it is difficult to identify. Here I describing few of them.


Physical Stress


Any type of physical or mental stress such as surgery, accident, illness can be a reason of short-term hair loss. This pressure leads hair follicles to go to Telogen effluvium state. In this, state hair follicles remain dormant or resting phase. Therefore, when any hair fall out it takes more time than usual to regrow.




Pregnancy triggers hair fall due to some hormonal change and physical stress. Although it is not appeared at the time of pregnancy but after the birth of children. When it is a reason, you don’t need to be worried. Hair starts to grow back within a few months


Overdose of Vitamin A


Overdose of vitamin A increases hair loss. So when you eat, keep track on what source of nutrients you are having. When you reduces vitamin A, hairs grow back normally.




Family background also cause patchy hair loss. If there is anyone in your family who had alopecia areata at any time then it is more likely to be affected by you.


Female Hormones


At the time of menopause, the body goes through many inner changes that trigger hair loss. On the other side woman who are taking birth control pills experience hormonal changes. The female hormones are mostly responsible for hair falling during this particular time.




Almost 10% woman ranges 20-49 years old suffer from anemia. It is caused due to iron deficiency among many woman. But there are some supplements that can easily fix this deficiency.




It is a condition when a little gland located in your neck supplies hormones. If these hormones are critical for metabolism process, it trigger hair loss. To treat this condition some synthetic thyroid medication can used. When the thyroid levels is normal condition hair growing returns to normal state.




Another autoimmune disease such as lupus can rigger hair loss. Lupus caused hair loss is very harmful as it damages hair permanently.            


Abrupt Weight Loss


Abrupt weight loss also is a reason that traumatized your physical and mental condition. So it affects hair and causes hair fall rapidly. When you lose weight all of sudden, your body gets shock that sends negative signals to the nerve systems. Reducing stress level, you can minimize rate of hair fall.


Indiscriminate Hair Styling


Harmful chemical made hair products and excessive hair styling cause hair fall out. Many people try different hair treatment like tight braids, chemical hair straighter, weaves rows, hot hair oil etc. all these damages hair root and hinders hair-growing process.




With the pace of age, it is normal to lose some hair. Aging causes hair thinning and bald patches on scalp. People in their 50s to 60s lose hair due to age.

Besides lack of protein, vitamin B, Chemotherapy, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Trichotillomania, Antidepressants, blood thinners, and more are equally responsible for patchy hair or hair loss. Among the reasons, most of them are normal so it cannot be cured successfully. But some medication are recently being applied to overcome this patchy hair loss problem.


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