What is the cause of Alopecia Totalis?


Now-a-days, people are seen suffering from a common hair loss problem called Alopecia. It is a complete baldness of scalp. Not only hair loss from human head, the term Alopecia Totalis is also being used to define hair loss from any other parts of the body as well. Regardless of ages, it may affect people of any stage of ages. Hence, from younger to older anybody can be victim of Alopecia Totalis. Being affected by Alopecia Totalis people are being psychologically distressed specially those who have been affected at very early stages of their ages.so now, it is time to find out the root causes of Alopecia Totalis attack or why people are being victimized of this type of skin disorder what causes tremendous loss of ones beauty.


Here is a brief discussion given below on causes of Alopecia Totalis-


Causes of Alopecia Totalis


Though there is no specific cause yet marked by doctors or expertise but it is somehow being assumed that plenty of factors are contributing to develop this type of complicated condition. Here, Immune system disorder can be one significant cause to get attacked by Alopecia. Generally, to protect your body from different types of bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc. immune system acts as strong resistance. But, unfortunately it may attack your hair follicles and destroy them completely which usually paves the way for hair loss in the affected area. However, the appropriate reasons of such destruction of hair follicles is still unknown, yet it is assumed that a genetic component may be account for .this type of situation. If there is any family history of Alopecia or any auto-immune disease like-diabetes, hypothyroid, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis may be responsible to develop Alopecia.it is found in study that 1 out of 5 who suffering from Alopecia had a family history. Suffering from extreme stresses for longer period time may be another cause to trigger hair loss. On the other hand, some certain medication as well hormonal imbalance may also responsible for developing Alopecia as well.


This type unusual behavior of immune system may be guided, manipulated or accelerated by number of factors.


Anyways, here are some significant factors enlisted below what are usually assumed significant causes for developing Alopecia Totalis.

  • High levels of the male hormones (both in men and in women) can trigger the onset of Alopecia Totalis.
  • Thyroid disorders can be another significant cause to trigger Alopecia Totalis.
  • Some certain drugs and medications generally used for gout, arthritis, depression, gout, arthritis, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, etc. are also assumed to be an important factor for developing Alopecia Totalis.
  • Taking Oral contraceptive pills may trigger Alopecia Totalis as well.
  • Suffering from Malnutrition can be one of the causes for developing Alopecia Totalis as well.
  • Due to lacking of Iron in the body can be another cause for developing Alopecia Totalis.
  • People who are victims of HIV/AIDS may also develop Alopecia Totalis.
  • Hormonal imbalance is considered another important cause to develop Alopecia Totalis as well.
  • Due to Fungal infections, one also may develop Alopecia Totalis.
  • After the treatment of Radiation and chemotherapy there one may also develop Alopecia Totalis.
  • Presence of High level of male hormones can cause Alopecia Totalis development.
  • Developing Alopecia also may have a strong Genetics link.
  • Some infections may cause developing Alopecia Totalis too such as - dissecting cellulitis, folliculitis, Secondary syphilis and fungal infection (tinea capitis).
  • Some types of drugs which are normally prescribed for different  types of diseases like-hearty disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, steroid, acne medicine, contraceptive pills so on may have a significant effect to change one body’s hormonal balance.as it is previously mentioned that imbalance of body hormone you may also develop Alopecia .
  • If there is any trauma developed due to a major surgery or radiation may be responsible for developing Alopecia Totalis too.
  • During pregnancy or after the pregnancy there may be develop Alopecia Totalis too.
  • Due to the environmental mess or toxins and undergoing with excessive stress may help to develop Alopecia Totalis too.
  • Using different type of hair product for hairstyle may hamper your hair as well which may pave the way to severe hair fall as well.
  • Lack enough protein in your regular diet may cause the hair fall or Alopecia Totalis.


In spite of above discussed causes there some another important causes may also work behind the development of Alopecia Totalis too.


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