What is Hair and Why We Have Hair


It is said that we human being are the best creation among all. Although we cannot fly like birds, cannot live in water like fish, do not have that much strength to fight with animals, cannot adopt too much cold or too much hot temperature. But what we have does not belongs to other species. It is our intelligence, the ability to think. This unique characteristic gives us ability to control over other species. What we are given might not be equal comparing to other animals but through our thinking, ability ewe can beat them.


Many of us think that there are something that we don’t need too much. For example our wisdom teeth, chest hair, male nipples are some parts of body that we don’t need. But many scientist think that everything we possess in our body are meaningful. People raise question over need of our chest hair or pubic hair or arm hair. Even hair on our head drop out after certain age. So what is the use of hair in our body? Here I will discuss about what is hair and why do we have hair.


What is Hair?


Hair is a part of our body that develops our look and establish our personality. But few of us know what actually hair is. Hair is a part of our skin, which is consciously growing. It like our nails. Sometimes it drops and replaced with new shaft. It is soft, smooth and to some extent elastic but brittle element. We all have almost 100000 hair strands, which are made with protein. Hair follicles is the part of body where hair grows and it is one of the most complex process that take place here.


Hair grows in three stages these are anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Almost 85% of our hair remain in anagen stage; less than 15% percent remain in Telogen stage and rest of the hairs remain in Catagen stage. It grows almost ½ inch per month and continue to grow 3 feet until anagen stage stops. Although it grows continuously, so many people think that it is alive. However, it is dead part of our body. So we don’t feel any pain while having haircut. 


All these interesting characteristics make it center of focus for making our personality attractive. That is why we try different hairstyle, different color etc.


Why We Have Hair


Hair is a mean of covering your hair and it gives you a decent look and personality. However, along with these function it has some other characteristics. It protects your head from injury, it protects from hot or cold temperature. When you go outside the sun burns your skin, but hair prevents sunshine so your scalp remains burn free.


Although it is dead but it has nerve, endings to send massage to scalp. When it is too cold the muscles of hair follicles makes your hair strands to stand up and hold more heat to provide body. So this is one of the reason we have hair. Along with hair on your scalp, nostril hair, eyelashes or eyebrows are also helpful in keeping the dirt out of the body. Still there are some confusion over why we have chest or pubic hair. Although there is no doubt that these also have some usefulness which will be known in near future.


Hair is a basic part of our body, which is not only important for our complete look as human being but also for part of internal mechanism of body. It works as a human antenna to send message to the brain feeling the extent of adverse environment.


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