What is Alopecia Totalis?


Hair is one of the very important parts of your beauty. What if, if it starts losing suddenly! I hope, it will not be that much pleasant for you. Here, in this article, I am going to share you such a horrible problem that is generally associated with tremendous hair loss. It is Alopecia totalis, a kind of skin disorder, which causes hair loss suddenly and very rapidly. It is completely unpredictable. You cannot even imagine how rapidly people start losing their hair if once get attacked by this. It is not like as alopecia areata which is a severe form of alopecia.it is also dissimilar to localize alopecia areata. Generally, in localized alopecia, there are round patches of hair on the scalp. But, in Alopecia totalis, it makes it completely bald. It causes complete hair loss on the scalp of your head. That means, the ultimate result of alopecia is complete baldness of the scalp. So, once after getting attacked by it, it takes very rare time to make you completely bald.


Furthermore, another bad thing about alopecia is, it can even touch your eyelashes and eyebrows in some cases. As a result, you may also start losing your eyelashes and eyebrows as well if get attacked by Alopecia totalis once.


Symptom to Understand Alopecia Totalis


The prime and preliminary symptom of Alopecia totalis is total hair loss of scalp. Its starting as like as alopecia areata starts.in this form of hair loss you may start to lose hair with small patches. But, in course of time, it will soon cover the whole surface of the scalp and make you completely bald.


Brittle nail, pitted nails are also some of the significant symptoms you may experience after getting attacked by alopecia totalis.


Causes of Alopecia Totalis


Though there is no specific reason yet marked by doctors or expertise but it is somehow being assumed that immune system disorder can be one major reason for getting attacked by alopecia totalis.to protect you from different types of illness immune system acts as strong  resistance. But in some cases, it acts different. It may sometimes attack your healthy tissue too. Therefore, because of having any type of alopecia, your immune system may attack your hair follicles as well. As a result of it, inflammation may occur which may pave the way to hair fall.


Risk factors of Alopecia Totalis


 Some of the risk factors of alopecia tatalis discussed below-

  • Alopecia totalis is a severe type of hair loss problems which results your scalp gets totally bald. The reasons of developing autoimmune disorder is still obscure. But the risk of getting attacked by alopecia totalis among some people is still in large number. Anybody can anytime get affected by it specially children and adults under 40 years old are assumed in more vulnerable condition of getting attacked  by it.
  • There may be a genetic link behind the develop alopecia totalis too.
  • Owning to going under extreme stress can be one of the reasons to develop alopecia among people. Due to felling stressed for longer period of time your immune system can be disturbed as well as it functional ability also may disturbed as well.


How Alopecia Totalis Diagnosed


It you start experiencing any type of symptoms that indicates to the development of alopecia totalis, you should consult a doctor to get it diagnosed. Therefore, you may also go for a dermatologist as it is a skin disorder. In several ways (like-scalp biopsy, blood diagnosis) you may be examined whether you developed alopecia or not.


Treatment of Alopecia Totalis


Once you start losing your hair or become completely bald, it may be difficult to restore it again. By the way, in which way you should treat to get your lost hair back will be fixed by your doctor.in this purpose, you may have to go for any of the following therapies to help you get your lost hair back.


These type of therapies may be effective in restoring hair loss.


These are likely-

  • Ultraviolet light therapy
  • Diphencyprone (DPCP)
  • Topical immunotherapy
  •  Corticosteroids
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine)
  • Tofacitinib


Side Effect of Alopecia Totalis Treatment


There a progress in alopecia totalis may occur after starting the treatment of alopecia totalis. As a result, hair from other side of your body may start losing including hair from your legs, eyebrow, nostrils, arms, groin area etc. that is called alopecia universalis.


Finally, I am to tell you that it is totally unpredictable whether alopecia totalis lasts longer or not. As this is a type of uncertain skin disorder, you can hardly predict your outcome. Though, it is sometimes difficult or make your life worsen, yet you can get enough support from your surroundings.


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