What Causes Bald Spots on Your Head?


Appearing bald spots on the scalp is very common and normal after certain age. It is not a matter of tension to lose some hair on everyday basis. Everyone loses some hair say it is kids or young or adult. However, these normal hair falls becomes abnormal if anyone hair loss more than expected. Certain factors causes premature hair loss for young people. These causes ranges from physical to mental condition.

Bald patches mainly occurs to men but woman also faces extreme hair loss from concentrated areas of the scalp. Some people genetically born with some factors, which causes hair fall. Some external causes also further deteriorate the condition.


Causes of bald spots

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Weight loss
  • Stress
  • Post hysterectomy issues




What think and feel in mind affects you physical condition. When you go through a mental agony, it controls your physical appearance and structure. Even they loses to conscious mind to prevent bald patches. It is necessary to minimize the stress level by some activity like sports, visiting beautiful places, spending some quality time with friends, or enjoying your favorite TV shows etc.


Thyroid Gland


A large gland is responsible for allotting hormones to the entire body. Hormones regulates metabolism process and many complex functions related to hair growth issues. If you are facing gland related issues then fix it as soon as you can otherwise it may turn serious bald patches.   


Post Hysterectomy Issues


Hysterectomy is a procedure that is done to woman who never want to be pregnant in future. This procedure causes bald patches on the scalp of many woman. At the same time, it is also occurred to those women who are in a risk of having ovarian or breast cancer accompanied with serious hormonal issues.


Losing Weight Unscrupulously


It is obvious that if you are obese then you must lose some weight. But it also requires some attention on how much you are losing weight. Whether it harms your calorie requirements should be considered carefully. Poor diet will lack nutrition, which make your health weak. So it may cause hair fall.




If you have diabetes and it remains untracked, you may be exposed to other complication like baldness, blindness, leg amputation etc.so when you suspect that you are having some symptoms of diabetes then consult your doctor to take necessary measure to prevent it in the early stage.




If it remains in your gene then then there is a tendency of revealing the symptoms of bald patches. Some people inherit this tendency from their ancestor. In this case, it almost obvious that blood related people will affect by this condition.


Immune System


Weak immune system also has some relation in developing antibodies that damages the hair follicles. Weak immune system hinders normal hair growth.




A psychological disorder happens with male. In this disorder, men pull out their hair and within a few weeks, it turns into bald patches.


Besides all these cause lack of sleep, weight gain, and poor blood circulation can trigger bald patches. Therefore, lifestyle change can bring some way to improve bald patches.

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