What Can I do About Hair Loss?


“What can I do about hair loss?” is one of the most common questions among people who are losing their hair badly. Although it is very normal to be anxious regarding hair fall as this part of the body contributes a lot in building a good physical appearance and personality. Losing hair affects their confidence level, which influence their personal, family and social life. You must have seen that some people avoid social gathering because they bother their appearance with few number of hair.

Obviously, it is a great problem for those who are losing their hair frequently. But you cannot stay idle with this problem. There are some tricks to solve this problem.


Managing Stress


Stress and hair loss has a natural connection. If you are too much stressed it will harm your health and external looks. When you are stressed your cortisol level starts to spike which leads to hair shedding. So try to relieve your stress level as much as you can. Sleeping, exercise, meditation lowers stress level.


Care Your Scalp


Hair follicle is a structure of scalp from where hair strand grows. Hair follicles gets blood from scalp to fill up its nutrients requirements. Make sure that your scalp is healthy, hydrated and nourished. To improve your hair health you can make hair pack with vitamin E, almond, strawberries, walnuts, kiwis, broccoli, which will provide plenty of essential nutrients.


Feed Your Body Some Supplement


It is normal to have some particular nutritional deficiency and it may cause some health problem. So it is you responsibility to check whether you are deficient. This lacking is often revealed through hair loss. You can fill this nutritional gap through biotin, vitamin H, vitamin B complex: these minerals helps to boost metabolism and reach necessary nutrients to the scalp.


Balance Your Hormone


Our modern lifestyle is becoming more complicated due increased stress level which imbalance hormone in the body. This imbalance causes miniaturization of hair shaft. Imbalances of hormones also may happen due to pregnancy, menopause, birth control pill, physical shock etc. so there are multiple ways to fluctuate hormone and it is difficult to know which one is causing your hormonal imbalance. So very other month consult your doctor whether you are having deficiency of hormone.


Natural Hair Pack Solution


All the treatments described above needs some extra efforts. But some natural hair treatments can easily improve the condition without any hassle and potential side effects. Hot oil massage is one of the easiest way to treat scalp. The blood circulation level dramatically is increased. It strengthen hair roots. Besides onion juice, beetroot juice are good in reviving dead follicles. Onion contains germ protective properties, which prevents further infection. Green tea revitalize follicles by promoting metabolism and blood circulation. Gooseberry, Neem Leaves, Aloe Vera gel can be applied directly on the scalp. Egg white and curd paste provides zinc and calcium to the hair shaft, which makes it stronger.     


Not all these treatments may be equally effective for everyone. So try different ones to find out suitable treatment for you.


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