What can a Dermatologist do about Hair Loss?


Hair loss is a multi-caused problem that is not be fixable by a common person. Our hair is a result of complex and time-consuming process. This process is involved with different steps and phases. So it is not easy to understand and identify the hair loss problem. But many people are confused thinking when they should consult a dermatologist. It is really a matter that needs an extra attention. If you have more hair fall than normal then you must consult dermatologist for clearing a doubts.


Sometimes it is possible to have hair fall temporarily stress, weakness, particular illness or medication. So if it is a case then you should be worried thinking seriously about hair. Within a few weeks, it be fine. It is also possible to have hair fall that continuous for long time but the reason remain unidentified. Then an expert consultation is really become essential then.


How a Dermatologist Treat Hair Fall


In the very beginning dermatologist prescribe their patient to have blood test to check whether there is any deficiency or imbalance in the hormone. At the same time, they consult with their patient to pacify the anxiety. Because sometimes panic deteriorate the situation more. Sometimes they prescribe dietary supplement at primary stage. In temporary hair loss, supplement works very well and it recover hair loss effectively.


But serious hair loss issue require more attention so that a dermatologist needs to do more enquiry to be sure about the exact reason of hair loss. In serious hair loss issue he needs to know the hair loss pattern, whether it is sudden or gradual issue.


It needs to know whether the patient have any diseases or take any medication. If there is any history of having any disease or medication then it is necessary to fix that problem first. Sometimes people take some low calorie diet. This particular diet is also responsible for hair fall. All these tiny information can solve the problem.


If the dermatologist think to look into scalp then he can do some other test. Sometimes dermatologist pull some hair to operate further investigation. Sometimes dermatologist look other hair from other parts of body.


It is also possible to have problem on the scalp. So dermatologist removes a tiny part of scalp to examine. As many reasons are concern for hair loss, so it is not surprising to take long time in identifying the problem.


Treatment of Hair Loss


As you have already known that there are many reason of hair loss. So when it is close to find out the exact reason of hair loss then half of treatment is done. Treatment is not a concern if the reason of hair fall is identified properly.


There are some common treatment options for treating hair loss. Among many of them Minoxidil and finasteride are widely used and effective. Minoxidil helps to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. This medicine is recognized by U.S drug and food administration. This treatment can be applied without prescription. Sometime dermatologist seeks help of laser device that promotes hair growth. But finasteride cannot be used without prescription. It is effective for men to slow down hair loss problem. Moreover, if your hair loss problem happens due to inflammation then dermatologist may inject corticosteroid. This injection is fruitful for those who are having alopecia areata.


In advance stage dermatologist suggest to have hair transplantation. Although hair transplantation is expensive and complex process but it is one of the best way to get full hairline. Sometimes bald scalp is taken away and hair-containing scalp is taken closer to cover baldness. Besides scalp expansionary device is used to stretch skin to fill baldness. Scalp flaps can be another option for hair loss problem.


All the option of treatments I have described depends on what problem you are having. So identifying the problem is very crucial for achieving desired result.

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