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Scarring Alopecia is a type of alopecia that refers a disorder that attacks the hair follicles at the same time the follicles are replaced with scar tissue. As a result, an individual face permanent hair loss. The awful thing is you cannot assume about what go on if scarring Alopecia affects you. You may face extensive hair fall for many years. Sometimes you may see there is no hair fall for long time. Some people alleges that they feel itching, pain, burning on the scalp. All these strange symptoms are appeared with the patient of Scarring Alopecia.


Types of Scarring Alopecia

Scarring Alopecia does not appear with the same characteristics to all people. Scarring Alopecia is divided into twocategories; people face different experience with both the categories. There are two types of Scarring Alopecia, primary and secondary Scarring Alopecia.


In primary Scarring Alopecia, the destructive inflammatory process targets the follicles. On the other side, in secondary Scarring Alopecia the hair follicles are destroyed by some external incidents such as infection, burns, radiation etc.


What causes you Scarring Alopecia?

Still it is not understood why people are affected with Scarring Alopecia. It is assume d that if you suffer redness, heat, pain on the upper part of the hair follicles the stem cells and sebaceous gland are impaired. As a result, the hair follicles cannot grow hair. Now it is very difficult to understand that if your hair follicles are destroyed the hair cannot be produced.


The people at the risk of being affected by Scarring Alopecia

Now a question can be raised that who are at the risk of being affected by Scarring Alopecia. It is such a disease that no one remains out of this risk irrespectively his or her age, gender etc. However, it is not seen to the children. But some symptoms are shown at teenage years. As I already mention that ii is a unpredictable disease. So there is no essentiality to have family history for being affected by Scarring Alopecia. In consequence, Scarring Alopecia affects man and woman at any ages. But the good news is, it is not related with some other fatalist disease.


The way Scarring Alopecia is diagnosed

An experience hand can diagnose the Scarring Alopecia, as it is difficult to identify right type and causes of Scarring Alopecia. To do this you have to go through a rigorous biopsy. After completing the biopsy, the kind of inflammation, intensity and location of inflammation can decide the next step of treatment. Sometimes you may face itching burning pain on your scalp.These also determine the type of treatment. Hair pull test is also performed to some people to identify the affected area.


Is there any chance to grow hair back?

After a long discussion, we will seek the answer of a question “is there any chance to get your hair back? Yes, it is possible to grow your hair back if the treatment is taken at the primary stage. Minoxidil solution 2%-5% can help to regrow your hair. But there is no chance to regrow your hair if the follicles are destroyed once.


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