Hair shaft defects

Hair shaft

It is very common to have alttle hair on the head for a newly born baby. But at the age of 12 months, a nice amount of hair cover the scalp of the baby. Within two years these baby have a head of full hair. Some people with little hair or poor quality of hair are also seen who are suffering from hair shafts defect.


Before going to the discussion about hair shaft defects I will explain about what is hair shaft. Hair shaft is the dead cells that are seen on the scalp.


Hair shaft defect refers some anomaly or abnormality of hair shaft. These abnormalities can be identify with bare eyeand sometimes it needs thorough experiment to identify the problems. These abnormalities includes hair loss, frizzy hair, uncomfortable hair and fragile hair.
As a results are diversified, he causes are also various.


Causes of hair shaft defects

The major causes of hair shaft defect are external injury or genetic abnormality. Some external injuries that causes hair shaft are-

  • Excessive styling
  • Tight ponytail
  • Excessive use of hair dryer.


Some girls are more conscious with the decoration of their hair. They use a variety of chemical made lotion, strainers, dyes, most of the times these chemical products proves harmful rather beneficial. As a result, the hair starts to damage.


Genetic hair shaft abnormalities are divided into two categories. These are-

  • Increased fragility
  • Non increased fragility


Increased fragility


Non increased fragility


  • Bubble hair
  • Beaded hair / monilethrix
  • Pili torti
  • Bamboo hair / trichorrhexisinvaginata
  • Trichorrhexisnodosa


  • Acquired progressive kinking of hair
  • Loose anagen hair syndrome
  • Ringed hair / pili annulati
  • Spun glass hair / pili trianguli et canaliculi
  • Woolly hair
  • Tufted hair / pili multigemini



Hair shafts defects treatment

Although there is very few treatment available for genetic or inherited hair shaft defects. But the degree of damage can be reduced if the prevention steps are taken at the very early ages. But hair shaft caused by external injuries mainly curable by taking some prevention steps. If you are hair, shaft defected then you must avoid excessive hair styling, straitening, heating, and weaving. All these action will simply damage the hair shaft. Exposing to the sunlight burns the hair shaft. To avoid sunburn you can put on a hat. Using various brand of harsh shampoo discolor the hair shaft. At the same time, very cold water is harmful for your hair. You can use gentle shampoo with warm water. Always try to take natural hair care so that your hair will never be damaged with any kind of external injuries.


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