Effluvium refers a cycle of hair growing process




Effluvium refers a cycle of hair growing process. Many of us think that growing hair is a continuous process. But this is a wrong perception. There are a few stage to grow hair. Normally at growth stage hair continuous to increase for two years. At the end of this stage, hair drops out. Then no hair grows for two months. After this period, a new hair emits from that follicle. Everyone has 80%-90% active hair follicle that is known as Anagen Effluvium. At the same time 10%-20% follicle remain resting state. It is called Telogen Effluvium.


Now you can imagine how much the hair growing process is surprising. So do not be worry about with your hair fall. A certain number of hair fall is obvious after a certain period. Because you have already known after anagen stage hair growing is closed for 2-3 months. You cannot tell this Telogen state. If significant number of hair follicles remain in dormant state and start, shedding then you suspect it as Telogen Effluvium. Another thing you should know that the hair follicle does not remain dormant all over the scalp. It just affects the particular area of the scalp. You will never lose all your hair at a time but it can be thin significantly.


There are three basic types of developing Telogen Effluvium. Among these there, you will find some distinction. Firstly, Telogen Effluvium develops due to environmental shocks. Sometimes you are in a stressful situation for your real life problem. The stressed situation blocks the hair follicles. If you are shocked for short period then it will start growing within short period. In second form, TE develops slowly but last longer period. At this form of TE,no hair will go in dormant state rather some hair remains in inactive for longer period. In Third form the hair follicles does not remain in dormant state but produce short and thin hair.


The causes of TE may surprise you as it is caused by many factors. The factors includes pregnancy, change in hormone, stress, medication, poor diet, trauma, surgery, chronic illness etc.


However, Anagen Effluvium can causes a quick hair fall. It is awful than TE. You will see this type of Effluvium among the people who are suffering from cancer. Between these two types of Effluvium TE is the most common among the people.


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