Congenital Hypotrichosis


Every child is born with a minimum amount of hair at the time of birth. If I ask how much hair you had at the time of your birth surely you cannot answer exactly. Although you may have heard from your parents that you had been born with some beautiful hair.


But everyone is not lucky like you. Some unlucky baby is born with less hair than normal. However, It is very rare incident that take place with a newly born baby. This problem is inherited from their parents and it starts disappearing by adolescence. Some baby are born without eyelash and eyebrow. That’s why this baby looks a bit bizarre.


Recently it is seen that some baby is affected by Congenital Hypotrichosis even they don’t have any family history. So this disorder can happen to any baby. Because Congenital Hypotrichosis is not only genetic disorder but some other factors is also involved. Ringworm, folliculitis, piedra, loose anagen syndrome are all the reason congenital Hypotrichosis. Understanding all these reason is bit tough and you don’t need to know all these.


Another reason that you can understand is marriage between blood related cousins. In many case it is found that congenital hypotrichosis affected babies parents are cousin. So blood relation also causes this type of hair fall problem.


If someone suffers from congenital Hypotrichosis then hair fall is obvious for him. But a few case can be treatable with surgery. Some case can also be handled with hair transplantation. Though hair transplantation is painful process that is little risky for a child. In that case, some medication are very fruitful


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