Most common type of hair loss “Alopecia areata”




Among any type of hair fall people are affected by, Alopecia Areata is the most common. Most of the baldness lies in this category. The common sign of Alopecia areata is the round patches on the scalp.


Alopecia areata is such a disease In which the immune system attacks the hair follicles. In consequence, hair falls out. Some people experience patch on the front of their scalp and some experience in upper back of the scalp. At the same time, some people also have chances to get back their hair. Although hair fall does not stop.


There is a genetic reason behind Alopecia areata. If one of your family member is affected by this type of hair fall, then it is most likely for you to be affected. Undoubtedly, it is not fatalist disease or symptom of some serious disease. But it ultimately affects your looks. For many people it is very difficult to accept the rapid change in their looks. Many of them undergo mental pressure and depression. If you are one of them, I will say that don’t lose your confident. There are many people like you who are suffering from the same but they surpass their weakness  with their mental strength and confident. You are not responsible for this why to feel depressed. You may be inherited from your parents. It is also possible that you are not inherited from your biological parents that does not mean you yourself develop this disease. Scientist believe that there is a chance of a number of genes that predispose to certain people to develop Alopecia areata.


No doctor can predict exactly about Alopecia Areata. There is very chance to regrow hair without any treatment. At the same time, it will also fall out again. As it is unpredictable type of hair fall, you never can be satisfied even if some hair regrows. That is the most frustrating sight of Alopecia Areata. Another negative side of Alopecia Areata is,there is no drug available for still now. Some people say that   some other mediation helps to get hair back. But these treatment will not bring any permanent solution.


So better, you accept this problem. Although it is bit, tough but it is the easy way to cope up with Alopecia Areata. You have to value yourself. You are a person for not only your hair or how much hair you have. Hair is only one part of your personality. Focus on other part of your lifestyle like your way of talking, body language, ability to influence other people etc.


You can also wear wig to cover your scalp. If you don’t have extensive hair loss you can use hair color. It helps to look your hair more. 



How common is Alopecia Areata?


Alopecia areata is a form of hair loss. It refers hair loss in patches. When someone is affected with this kind of hair loss he or she loses hair sporadically. Sometimes hair grow back in affected area. Then some other area is affected with alopecia areata. For some people hair loss remain for many years. After years, hair starts to grow. This trend goes with many person for years.


No one can say that he or she has not lost his hair in patches. Because it is very normal process of hair growing mechanism. Even some people don’t know they are having alopecia areata. So it is not unusual to lose hair in patchy pattern.


How it is Common


Alopecia areata is triggered by attacks of blood cell to the hair follicles. Then hair follicles become shirked and hair-growing process starts to slow down. Immune system of body becomes weak and causes this incident casual for follicles. Although this is not clear why this incident is taken place. It is imagined alopecia areata occurs to those who have family history of it. Sometimes it is caused by stress. So this cause is very common to many of us which makes hair loss very common.


Factors for making Alopecia very common


There are some factors which causes hair loses very common. These are


Family History


According to a study, it is proved that among every five people there is one person who have alopecia areata. Family history is a common factor behind this reason. If your family member has or any person who had this problem in past may cause other person to be affected with this problem. 




There is no person who do not feel any stress in his daily life. Stress is little related with hair loss problem. So when you feel mentally distressed then you can have problem of hair loss. During stressful situation, our hair follicles become anxious so it produce finer hair and hair shaft becomes narrow. As a result, follicle becomes vulnerable for growing hair.


Affects Abruptly


Alopecia areata takes places abruptly, which seems unusual to many people. No one can say that he will not be affected with alopecia areata. It is so abrupt that there is no prevention of it. Even no one can predict about it in advance. So if you are affected with it, then do not be surprised.


Some people feel itching and burning in their scalp, which is seems very normal as it may happen to any normal person. So it is difficult to identify whether it is alopecia areata. At the same time, it is medically proved that our hair follicles remain in Telogen phase when follicles stops to grow. This incident happens to all of us. So if you notice that there is an area where no hair grows then it is not a matter surprise.


So it is very common to have alopecia areata as it is caused by factors that may occur almost every one. So if you are having this problem then then do not be panicked ask expert opinion.



How to Diagnose Alopecia Areata?


Alopecia areata is a disease, which may occur to anyone at any time. The risk of being affected with alopecia increases if any member of the family has alopecia. This autoimmune disease spreads through blood relation people. Who affects with this disease primarily have some hair loss and as the time passes hair loss turn to bald patches. The deadly thing is when alopecia attacks someone the hair follicles loses ability to grow hair again. That’s why it leads permanent baldness.


Auto immune system prevents from infection and external viruses. But when auto immune system becomes weak, then it affects some parts of the body. Alopecia areata attacks hair follicles so it cannot produce hair again. Sometimes hair grows back but it again falls out. So it is totally unpredictable whether it will grow back or not. But there are some treatments which is a light in the darkness.


How to Diagnose Alopecia Areata


In the beginning, it needs to be clear that there is no treatment that can completely cure alopecia. But some options may help to lower the damages of hair. To treat alopecia areata it is required to understand the degree of problem. Because treatment will vary with the extremeness of the problem. A treatment may be appropriate for a person but it may or may not suit another people. In some cases alopecia areata does not even response.

All these condition urges to diagnose the problem properly before deciding the treatment options. If the problem is not identified then treatment is of no use.


Some alopecia is triggered by mental stress. It is more complex to fix. Some genes are responsible for creating alopecia areata. An expert can diagnose the symptoms to determine whether it is alopecia. Some symptoms apparently ensure possibilities of alopecia. Severity of hair loss is one of the most primary ways to diagnose the problem. Besides a biopsy of scalp skin is done to know other reasons that may cause hair loss. For doing skin biopsy, a small part of skin is picked up for analyzing.

Sometimes multiple blood test are needed for being sure about other autoimmune diseases. If any special condition is seen then particular blood test may be require to perform. The existence of specific antibodies, which behaves abnormally in blood, may be tested. These antibodies also causes autoimmune disease.       


Identification of inner facts may not be possible all the times. Then advance diagnosis will require on immune system, stem cells, follicles structure and genes. When your doctor is diagnosing your problem. Tell him about your other health problem and medication. Because as per your health complexities your diagnostic option will be determined. So every single information needs to be shared to tour doctor. Tell everything about how long you are having this problem, is any side affects you are experiencing with any medications, whether you have a family history of alopecia, any particular disease anemia, diabetes, arthritis and asthma or recently you have gone through menopause or child birth etc.


Whatever the result of diagnosing and option of treatments it just can reduce the hair fall problem. So it is more intelligible to start adapting the problem. Counseling and joining some supporting group can facilitates the problem very quickly.



Is Alopecia Areata Caused by Stress?


Sometimes people become so stressed that they feel like pulling out all hair of scalp. Although they don’t do this but they notice that their hair shedding automatically. Then they become ill-tempered which leads them more miserable condition. They understand that their mental stress causes hair loss but don’t know how. They lose hair and hair loss causes more stress. Stress causes more hair loss. But they cannot go out of this cycle.


If you come to know that alopecia areata is really caused by stress and how it causes then it will be easy for controlling it. Stress is such a thing that influence every aspect of our life. 


What is Stress?


How stress causes hair loss, it is necessary to understand the nature of stress. Stress is a way to response demanding for change. When you feel stress, your body releases chemical to your blood. This chemical causes good and sometimes bad for health. But one thing you have to remember that all times stress does not cause hair loss. People who are predisposed by genes to alopecia risk more hair loss due to stress. Our body has to go through different kind of stress. Short term and long term stress. When body faces short term or long-term stress then it has no impact on our hair. Rather short-term stress causes boosting immune system but long-term stress attacks immune system.


Stress Caused Hair Loss Types


There are three types of hair caused by stress. These are Telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, alopecia areata etc. Telogen effluvium is very common type of hair loss caused by stress. It is almost normal for everyone to have Telogen effluvium. Due to this problem people loses almost 100 hair shaft every day. Trichotillomania is not normal hair loss rather it is a mental disorder in which, people pull their own hair. They cannot control themselves to prevent it. Alopecia areata is another type of hair loss, which is unusual. In alopecia areata, you will not only lose hair of your scalp but also hair from other part of the body.


Incident that Cause Stress and Hair Loss


There is no such a ranges that states any particular incident cause stress and so hair loss. For example, you have been stuck in traffic jam and arguing with other driver may not cause hair loss. But some serious issues may cause scaring hair loss.


Fever last for few days but it sometimes cure with expense of some hair loss. Besides long term serious illness causes hair shedding. Major surgery or lifestyle changes triggers hair loss. But this factors may not equal to all person. A factor may cause serious hair loss but to other it may have no impact. So the effects of these facts are not same to everyone.


How Stress cause Hair Loss


You know that our body is protected by autoimmune system. This system protects body from external infection of virus and bacteria. Due to stress, autoimmune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. The blood cells come around the follicles and causes inflammation. This is responsible for making hair follicles weak. Corticosterone called hormone controls inflammation and stress regulates this hormone.


How to get rid of Hair Loss


To reduce hair loss you have to control stress level. Massage your scalp to increase blood circulation. Spend time with your family and friends. Go for walk to remote place. Yoga and meditation works very well to minimize stress. Try to have proper sleep. Drink lots of water. Paly games in the field. Take long breath while having stress all these activities will lower stress level and improve hair loss.


Stress is obvious for our life so it is you who has to control and manage it. Sometimes stress caused hair loss is not permanent and cure within a short period of time.



Is Alopecia Areata a rare Disease?


It is almost difficult to find anyone who does not have hair loss problem. Because hair grows according to its own rule. Every hair grows maintaining a cycle of three stages. Conceding the rules of this cycle every hair falls out. But sometimes people have abnormal hair fall problem. When the problem cross this minimum limit then it is medically know as alopecia. There are various form of alopecia.


The most common type of alopecia is alopecia areata. It occurs when hair follicles are damaged somehow. Damage in hair follicle is very common problem among people. Because there are various factor which regulates hair fall problem.   


Is Alopecia Areata really a rare Disease?


Our immune system protects our whole system from various internal and external infection. But sometime this natural system behaves abnormally and acts against nature. Immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles and follicles become vulnerable. This occurs mostly among young people particularly teenagers under 20 years. Sometimes it affects adult persons also. It happens to any gender. At the same time this type of hair loss is more common than any other type of hair loss problem. So it is no longer a rare disease rather it has become very common.       


If I explain it more detail it will be clear. How many person have seen with small bald patches? The number will be many, isn’t it? This problem is increasing day by day. So it is no longer a rare rather it has become widely prevalent issues of this age.


On the other hand, do you know how many people are there who have hair fall problem? Definitely the number will be many. Some people have thinner hair without any apparent patches. All these symptoms are seen when alopecia areata takes place.


Which type of Hair Loss is rare?


It is rare case when anyone loses entire body hair including eyelashes, eyebrows, underarm and pubic hair. When this type of hair loss happens most of the time the patient does not get their hair back. This is very unfortunate but this is not a common disease. This condition is called alopecia universalis.


In the case of alopecia areata, the patient gets his hair back within a very short period of time. There is no any difference between new hair and old hair. Texture and color remain almost same.


Why Alopecia Areata is not rare


If you try to understand the factors that cause alopecia then it will be understood. The more common reason of alopecia areata is family history. If you have family history of having this condition then you are in vulnerable position of being affected with it. But it is also true that person with no family history may be affected with it. There is a chance in either way. Others factors such as stress, environmental pollution, poor diet, auto-immune disease etc. this factors may occur almost anyone. So it cannot be said that you will not be affected with it.


So you can understand the prevalence of alopecia areata. Most of the people affected with hair loss problem is mostly because of alopecia areata. So there is very less chance to say that it is rare disease.


Can Alopecia Areata be Cured?


Alopecia areata is a most common type of hair fall. If a survey is done among the people who are having hair fall, it will be found that most of them are affected with alopecia areata. It is a complex type of hair fall and developed due to attack of immune system to the hair follicles. It does not causes total hair loss but it hinders to grow hair further. But why auto immune system attacks hair follicles is not known yet. Due to this attack some small patches are created on the scalp. Sometimes it creates extreme bald patches.

There are two types of alopecia areata, one alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. When hair fall occurs only on the scalp, it is called alopecia totalis and when it affects total body hair then it is called alopecia universalis. 


Is it Curable?


It is not curable but the damages of alopecia can be minimized by some treatment. These treatments can suppress the effects of alopecia areata. The reason behind alopecia areata is activity of concern genes. Some genes triggers the symptoms for developing alopecia areata. Along with these genes, some hormones, virus, allergies and toxins contribute alopecia areata. So it is caused by multiple reasons that’s why it is difficult to get rid of it completely.


How Much It is Curable by Diagnosing?


You already know that it is caused by various reasons so the ways of diagnosing alopecia is multiple and complex. You cannot do any diagnosing process of your own so you need to seek help from an expert. At the beginning, you need to go through scalp biopsy. For biopsy, a tiny part of skin is removed from the scalp.


Sometimes it requires testing blood to be sure that whether there is any autoimmune disease. The types of test depends on the complexities of alopecia areata. If any antibodies that are abnormal is found in your blood then it is considered that you may have possibilities of autoimmune disease. 


Treatment of Alopecia Areata


It is already said that there is no cure of alopecia areata but some medication can reduces further hair loss. Minoxidil is one of the most effective medicine to stop hair loss. It stimulates scalp and increase blood circulation around the scalp.


Besides corticosteroid cream, ointment and steroid injection boosts hair growth. Recently a new treatment is introduced to treat it. It is called photochemotherapy. This treatment is a combination of ultra-violate light and oral medication. In addition, herbal treatments, aromatherapy and acupuncture are also applied to treat alopecia. Not all these treatments are effective for all. Because these treatment’s application depends upon the complexity of alopecia. Some treatments may not suit some particular person. But it may also happen that you have tried many options but get no benefits. It is also seen that people get their hair back but it falls again.


It is better to accept and cope up the problem. Adapting will make the problem is important to be emotionally strong while you are having alopecia. Because it sometimes leads to depression. You can talk with a counselor to get necessary mental support. You can be involved with some supporting community to release stress and get rid of depression.  



Natural Treatment for Alopecia Areata


It is very common idea tendency of people to have gorgeous hair to look attractive. A healthy hair is a center of a good personality. A wrong decision can make your hair look damage. That is why people remain focused on health of their hair. But it is not that easy task to pay attention to hair all the time. Because our busy life, we do not have enough time to take care of our hair.


So it is very necessary to care your hair daily basis. But many people spend lot of money and time without having proper knowledge. Alopecia areata is very common type of hair loss problem that happens to almost every one. It is natural to have alopecia with age. But some precautious steps can help to prevent this problem easily. Thyroid disorder is main reason for having alopecia areata. Some other type of medicine also causes alopecia areata. There are many natural home remedies for alopecia areata. Here are given some of them.


Onion Juice


It is very common remedy for hair loss and onion is found in every household. Onion contains sulphur, which stimulates hair growing. Apply some onion extract on your scalp weekly. You will see the difference within a few weeks.




Egg is not only national for health but also for your hair. Our hair is made with protein so if you apply some protein directly to your hair then it will get natural healthy hair. Egg contains sulphur, iodine, selenium, protein that is essential for healthy hair growth. To get this benefit, take an egg, mix olive oil then apply to your scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. 


Aloe Vera


It looks deadly but works amazing. Aloe vera gel is good for your skin and hair. To get best of it you have to extract aloe vera gel then apply to scalp directly. Now massage your hair for some time mildly. Then let it remain for sometimes. Wash it with water. You can treat your hair for 2-3 times per week.




Honey is natural antibiotic, which prevents many infections. It also protects hair and you treat alopecia areata with honey at home. Mix some raw honey with egg yolk, onion juice and lemon juice. Apply to your hair and let it dry for 2 hours. After washing, you can feel the difference.


Almond, Mustard and Coconut Oil


Since ancient times essential oils are being used for caring hair. Almond oil massage stimulate hair follicles and promotes blood circulation. Besides coconut oil, mustard oil also works same for improving health of hair. These oils are rich with nutrients that is why these are highly used for hair treatments.


Green Tea


Green tea is an antioxidant, which contains various health benefits particularly it protects skin and scalp from being infected by bacteria. For preparing 2 bags of green tea extract you have put tea in hot water and boil it for few minutes. Then switch off the burner and let it be cool. When it is cool, apply it on your scalp. Let it remain for an hour and then wash it with cold water.


If you want increase, flow of blood then rosemary leaves is best for it. When blood circulation level is increased then hair scalp get most of the nutrients, which ensure to remove alopecia areata.


These are not all about of treating alopecia areata naturally there are some more treatments such cinnamon powder, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice etc. control your stress and perform some physical exercise to avoid stress and promote blood circulation. If you treat alopecia areata with natural methods then it may take some time to cure but it will definitely improve the condition.




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