Thyroid and Hair Loss

Hair is an indicator of your health. Whatever happens to your health it is mostly identified by your hair condition. You are in a financial crisis or relationship with your boyfriend is not going well, your dear one has passed away whatever it is every single problem is affects your hair. You are not eating properly or your digestion system does not work well also hurts hair. Your body is facing hormonal imbalance and first it is noticed by some hair fall.


Thyroid disease is another cause, which is responsible for hair fall. When someone is affected by thyroid diseases the hormone becomes imbalanced. This hormonal imbalance leads to excessive hair fall. Hair fall is a simple symptom of thyroid diseases.


Hair loss due to thyroid diseases

Have you ever thought about how does hair grows? Hair grows conceding some consistent phase of process. What number hair we see in our scalp is not total hair. Hair we see in our scalp is almost 75%-80% and rest of the hair remains in resting position. But when a hormonal imbalance take place in your body this cycle becomes affected and most of the hair goes to resting position and enough hair does not grow. Thus, hair starts falling.


Hair growth mostly depends on a well-functioning thyroid gland. When this gland produce abnormal hormone, hair becomes damaged. If this gland produce enough hormone the hair becomes healthy but when it produce less amount of hormone the scalp has fewer hair on it.


Some symptoms of thyroid disease

A number of symptoms are noticed but most of them remain conceal and starts being revealed very slowly.

  • Sudden change in metal condition, becomes anxious, irritate or nervous abruptly.
  • Becomes temperature sensitive. Very hot or very cold becomes problematic.
  • Face lack of sleep or feel drowsiness.
  • Changes in weight, some gain weight and some loses weight.
  • Unusual menstruation
  • Having weakness or pain in muscle.
  • Dried skin and hair

If you have, any or some of these symptoms then be sure about thyroid disease by doing a blood disease.


Treatment of hair loss caused by thyroid diseases

The more early you can identify the reason the more early you can get rid of this disease. When you are prescribed right treatment of thyroid problem the hair fall will be resolved automatically. Normally doctors suggest taking temporary medication like Minoxidil, which helps rapid hair growth. Be careful in washing and treating hair fall. Be sure that you are using recommended product from dependable source. Brush your hair with wide teeth so that it can be easy to avoid breaking hair. Don’t take any supplements that contains iodine as it causes under or over thyroids.


So if it is thyroid which is causing hair fall then the thyroid disease should be treated first. If it remains untreated then it will be difficult to solve hair fall problem. As the signs of thyroid remains hidden, that’s why most of the time hair fall remain under treated.


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