Signs of Aging Hair


Aging is a natural process and it cannot be prevented. It is inevitable part of our life. We all have to go through this process. It is better to concede it and accept the facts related with aging process. When you become aged, the first signs expressed through your hair and nails. Although hair is the most sensitive part of our body, when you become anxious or stressed hair becomes damaged. But you may also have hair issues without having aging issues.


When you become aged your looks and appearance changes with time. Sometimes this aged caused hair issues aggravated with hormonal changes, sun damage, medication, styling products. In the next phase, we will see some signs of aging hair.


Grey Hair


It is a most common signs that appears during aging hair. Although some people have grey hair, even they are not aged. Grey hair mostly appears in your late thirties to early forties. Grey hair is seen when your melanocyte cells do not produce pigment as a result hair turns to grey color. Some hair plucking can prevent further damage. .to avoid further greyness you can massage your hair with oils. 




If you notice hair of young people and hair of aged people, you will find a basic difference. Hair of a young is more lively and fresh but hair of an adult person is dry and husky. In young age, your hair produce more natural oil to the hair so it stay protected and shiny.

But when hair becomes dry it goes out of manage and over time hair loses its natural looks. Even some hair becomes locked and tangled. So to protect your hair during dryness it become necessary to produce external oil such as argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil. At the same time, you have to cover your hair from intense heat of sunshine.


Brittle Hair


With age, hair loses its elasticity so it becomes more brittle. It is seen that aged people have more unequal hair edge. Brittle hair causes serious damages in the hair shaft and this damage exacerbate when you use any chemical based hair dye or bleaches.


Thinning Hair


Thinning hair is normally seen among woman and it mostly occurs after menopause. During menopause, hormonal changes take place. Due to this changes hair starts losing. Some hairstyle products also responsible for triggering this situation before age. So it is also being advised that choose your hair product with caution. With increasing age, the diameter of our hair becomes contracted on the hand the growth rate slows down.


So the hair strands falls out more frequently and hair becomes thinner. Hair strands life period is normally 2-7 years. As race of age goes, the hair life cycle become smaller. By the age of thirty people starts experiencing thinning hair. In addition, near sixty years people go very bald.  




At old age, hair becomes more faded. Hair loses liveliness and become lifeless. To bring your hair shine back you can apply coconut oil and massage your scalp. Only external treatment may not be enough for shiny hair rather include salmon, egg, walnut and oyster your meal etc. 


As I already has said that aging is must for everyone so no one can prevent hair damage due to aging. What you can is just delay the process of hair damage. If you succeed to delay hair damages, I think it is enough to be satisfied. But for keeping hair it is not good to try absurd treatment rather you should talk with an expert to determine treatment according to your requirement.  


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    Signs of Aging Hair
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