Natural Treatment for Alopecia Totalis


Alopecia is a kind of a severe skin disorder, which usually causes complete baldness to one’s hair. There are number of symptoms(such as-sudden hair loss with severe manner, smooth and round patches, thinning hair, itchy scalp, sore scalp, brittle hair, dull hair etc) you may experience that you are going to be the victim of this dangerous type of hair fall problem.


As we know that, every problem comes with a solution, so there may be a safe and permanent treatment for any type of complication. But, the fact is to determine the root cause behind the development of that problem. But, there is not any single specific cause yet found by the expertise or doctors for the development of Alopecia. Therefore, it is assumed that the development of Alopecia may associated with the combination of so many factors (like- Thyroid disorders, Presence of High levels of the male hormones, Taking Oral contraceptive pills, Suffering from Malnutrition, Lupus erythematous., Hormonal imbalance, Using different type of hair product for hair style, Lack enough protein etc.) Which are directly or indirectly responsible for triggering Alopecia.


Being victimized by Alopecia Totalis, you may go for different types of treatment (medications, therapies etc.) for solving the problem. But I think it may be a wise thinking if you go for any types of natural remedies first. Generally, there may be a less possibility to develop any type side effect from natural treatment rather than treating by medications or therapies. Hence, from my view point it may be wise to go for any type of natural treatment before going under alternatives.


Here, I would like to bring you some very effective form of natural treatments, which may work in minimizing this type of problem.


The ways you may treat Alopecia Totalis




To treat number of autoimmune conditions probiotics works very effectively. Therefore, to get a younger and healthier look of hair and skin probiotic bacteria may also work keep your immune system ok, taking probiotic supplements can be a useful way. You may find probiotics from cultured vegetables, yogurt, kombucha etc.




Zinc is one of the effective source of natural treatment, which may help you to boost up your immune system as well to repair the gut, which is very important to get normal response of immune keep vital functional activities of hair follicles ok zinc may remarkably help you. You may get a therapeutic benefit from zinc supplement if you are suffering from zinc deficiency as well. You may find your essential amount of zinc from food like-grass-fed beef, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, cashews, spinach etc.




To boost the function of your body’s immune system as well as to get rid of inflammation you may go for Ginseng which a popular type of herbal medicine. Since Ginseng usually contains various types of pharmacological compound, taking Ginseng may be a potential source of natural treatment, which is good for your immune system run okay. To avoid Alopecia your immune system should in healthy number of form you may find Ginseng like in the form of powdered, tablet, dried etc.


Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Eating anti-inflammatory foods may help you treat an autoimmune try to eat foods which are full of healthy nutrients may help you reduce inflammation. Foods like-vegetables, beets, blueberries, seeds, spices, green leafy are some of the anti-inflammatory foods you may eat to treat naturally against the same time, try to avoid any type of sugary or  processed foods as well. Therefore, eating these types of foods may also give you essential fatty acids, important vitamins and mineral, antioxidants etc. since, lacking of enough nutritional boost is considered one of the major causes to develop Alopecia Totalis, so eating nutritionally dense foods may help to overcome that nutrients deficiency as well.


Coconut Milk


Using paste made by mixing coconut oil with flour on the scalp may help in restoring the lost hair since it has the ability to stimulate hair follicles as well as boost your entire scalp health.


Vitamin C-Rich foods


Eating vitamin – c in a large quantity may come in use to reduce Alopecia Totalis problem as well. Green leafy vegetables and citrus are some of significant sources of vitamin-C.


Excepts above mentioned items, there are so many options (such as- Lavender, Onions, Aloe Vera, High-Silicon Vegetables) you may figure out as useful natural treatment in treating hair loss problem like-Alopecia Totalis as well.


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