Can menopause cause hair loss?


It is not many days that your friends envied with your gorgeous and beautiful hair. But suddenly you start feeling light scalp with few hairs. You noticed this situation is aggravated after your menopause. Menopause is natural biological process that take to every woman and she have to go through various unpleasant situation during this time. Menopause causes mental disturbance, lack of sleep, hair loss etc.


Reason of Hair loss during menopause

A recent research says that menopause causes hormonal imbalance particularly it lower estrogen and progesterone production which helps to grow hair. if the your body produce less estrogen and progesterone then the hair production become slow and you start having thinner hair. again when these hormone is reduced the production of androgen is increased. 


The other facts of menopause also causes hair loss. For example, menopause causes stress, mental disturbance, and lack of nutrients, which directly causes hair loss.


Treating hair loss due to menopause

When you are having temporary hair loss, it causes you feel light head and affects your appearance. Although this is not a permanent hair loss. You can easily alter this problem by following the steps given below.


Decease stress

Whenever you feel stressed, your hormone become imbalanced. Stress lowers production of estrogen and it leads you to depression and disturbance. However, do yoga and go for walk to reduce stress level. Exercising also help to minimize stress.


Stay active

It is difficult to find out sometimes for your workout but you can also incorporate workout with your daily activity. Whatever you do at home, try to do moving your body. It makes your mind fresh and keeps your hormone in check. All these things help to promote healthy hair growth.


Have balanced diet

If you do not take a balanced diet then it will definitely cause hormonal imbalance during menopause. During this time you have to eat a lot of fruits, whole grain, vegetables etc. some mono saturated oil also important for your hair. Green tea, vitamin B6, folic acid supplements is must for restoring hair growth.


Drink plenty of water

During menopause, you lose many liquids from your health. So you have to stay hydrate so that any physical function may not be disrupted. You can take fruit juices, sodas, and flavored drinks.


Treat your hair naturally

When you are having hair loss problem you should avoid or leave all kinds of chemical solution for hair loss. Avoid using hair dryer, straightener and other types of device. Choose a natural hair color and nourishing conditioner to provide your hair some extra nutrients.


Be careful about medication

During menopause if you are having any medication then ask your doctor whether there is any side effects that may harm your hair. If there is then take alternative to this medication. Some birth control pills also causes hair loss. So if you suspects that you are losing your hair due to this pills then consult your doctor to have another medicine.


Menopause is natural process; you cannot change or stop it. You have to be adopted with this process. Follow every steps that are described above. Not all the steps may suit for you but you can try them according to you comfort.


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