Make your hair healthy


There are some person with perfect hairline who is a reason of being jealous for everyone. People applaud their hair other people with less hair become depressed. It is rally a reason for those who are having hair fall problem. They lose their confident over the period and separate themselves from social gathering. Even some people become mental patient losing hair. So hair fall makes your life simply disastrous.


Here I am presenting a guideline to protect your hair


Wash your hair maximum three times a weak


Among dermatologist, an ambiguous opinion exists regarding times of washing hair per weak. But there agree that hair should not be washed more than three times. You hair follicles produces natural hair oil to protect your hair. When you wash your hair, it loses this oil so your hair become unprotected.


Analyze your hair type and change your lifestyle accordingly


How many times you should wash your hair depends on type of hair. You cannot determine the type of your hair so you should ask help from dermatologist. If your hair is curlier then you stay longer period without washing. But if your hair is straight then you should stay without washing more than two days.   


Use dry shampoo


Dry shampoo can help to reduce times of washing hair. Dry hair refresh your hair from root and at the same time, it retain all the essential moisture for strengthening your hair. Apply your shampoo on the scalp not at the end of the hair.


Massage your scalp to increase blood circulation


While you are applying shampoo, massage your scalp mildly. It encourages blood circulation and detoxify your scalp. But don’t use hot water because it will dry out hair and causes hair breakage.   


Comb your soaked hair


After having shower your soaked hair should not brushed instead it should be combed gently. When hair is soaked it becomes weak and brittle. Soak water from your hair by gently pressing water out. Ensure that you are using wide teeth comb. Also, brush your hair from bottom to up twice a day.


Reduce using styling device


Be careful in using hair styling device including curling irons, blow-drying machine. This device can damage hair shaft. Once hair shaft is damaged, it loses ability to retain its color. A misconception exist that hairstyle related with hot tools. But natural solution is much more beneficial for overall health of hair.


Using hair oil


External oil controls oil production of the scalp. There is additional problem with using oil even your hair is oily. Oil reduces dryness so that hair remains protected from hair damage.


Getting healthy hair is a dream for many of us. But it is a lengthy process which requires patience. But most of the people stop in the midway and do not get any visible result. For attaining desired result, you have to strictly follow the guideline for certain period. Try to find inspiration from others who have been successful to get full head of hair and hope for the best.

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