Is there any Cure for Alopecia Universalis?


You must have seen some people without any body hair. The look of these type of people is not normal, as a result most of the time they are not welcomed strangers. Although it is a wrong practice among other people, but this incident happens due to lack of knowledge about the nature of this disease. It is called alopecia universalis a type of alopecia or hair loss.


Alopecia universalis is normally referees hair loss of entire body. It affects not only your scalp but also your entire body. Alopecia universalis is normally occurs due to weak immune system. Immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles and damage it. So the skin loses hair holding ability. It leads to hair shedding. Alopecia universalis is the most severe type of hair loss. It happens to few people.


How to notice Alopecia Universalis


This condition may happen to anybody. There is no gender or age factor for happening alopecia universalis. It happen due to mutation of chromosomes. When alopecia universalis takes place, the follicles of entire hair are attacked. So the skin of these areas become vulnerable. As a result, eyebrows, eyelashes start to be disappeared. Hair of armpit, pubic etc. also are affected due to this condition. Even patient loses nose hair.


Cure of Alopecia Universalis


For identifying whether it is alopecia universalis or not doctors sometimes thoroughly scrutinize the pattern of hair loss. Skin biopsy is an option, which is one through removing skin of scalp. Then this skin is thoroughly observed to scrutinize the factors. Blood test is also a way to find out what causes this hair loss condition.


It is need to be clear that there is no certainty that your alopecia universalis will be totally cured. But what treatments can do is, slowing down your hair loss pattern. The treatments can hinder the process of hair loss. As there immune system is the main reason of this condition so option of treating alopecia universalis starts with curing immune system. Doctors often suggest corticosteroid for suppressing immune system. Topical option is also applied to instigate immune system. Topical testaments causes allergic reaction as a result to provoke immune system. Ultra violate therapy is given to the affected area to trigger blood circulation. This rays take away the ultra-violate system away from follicles. 


But all times it may not be successful for all people. Some treatment may be fruitful for someone but it may be effective for other people. So you have to be conscious for every treatment you take but don’t be depressed if you don’t get any result from it. There may be something better treatment for you. 


Some treatments causes positive response to someone but some never causes any hair growth. It is not possible for saying anything before treatment whether it will positively respond or not. If you do not see any favorable condition then you can talk with your doctor for other options of treatments. But you have to have patience thinking whatever treatments apply it will reduce hair loss but it will not cure totally.


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