Is Alopecia Universalis Genetic?


Alopecia areata is hair loss condition in which patient faces a rare condition. It makes them lose entire body hair. It affects their looks, so do their personality. This condition makes them ostracized from rest of the societies. When this take place the family life and social life become disrupted. So they cannot lead a normal happy life.


The main factors of alopecia universalis is weak immune system. When immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles of all body hair, hair shedding take place substantially. This weak immune system is caused mainly genes. If you have genetic reason to be affected with then you may fall victim of it.


How It is Genetic


It is not known why alopecia happens to someone. It is a type of alopecia and it is an advance stage of alopecia. When it occurs, first of all it take round patch like shape. A research on alopecia areata was conducted and this research was basically on genes. According to the research, alopecia universalis is related with immune related genes. This weak immune system is accompanied with external environmental factors. But sometime it may not cause alopecia areata if it is not environmentally promoted even being genetically potential. But the research cannot ascertain the exact environmental factors behind alopecia areata.    


This genetical condition is further deteriorate with some external factors such as trauma, infection, stress, hormonal changes.


So if you have a family history of having alopecia universalis then you may or may not be affected with alopecia areata. Because there is environmental factors are there which is also responsible for making it happen.


The Way It is Identified


Alopecia areata is caused by genetic and environmental factors so it is not easy to identify.


But sometimes doctors can identify the signs and symptoms observing the pattern of patches. But in advance stage your skin may require biopsy to know deeply he condition. But there is no complete therapy that can treat alopecia areata from root. It is also very challenging to cure alopecia areata. But some treatment options are being used which are providing some light in dark. Squaric and dibutylester, cyclosporine various steroid etc. are mostly applied treatment for alopecia areata. The sun exposure can further damage the condition so that the victim needs to be careful in treating his condition.


For protecting his scalp, he or she can use sunscreen on his scalp, open areas of the body, face. Sometimes you can use goggles or sunglasses to cover your eyelashes, eyebrows. You can also use wigs, fake eyelashes etc.


Alopecia areata is totally unpredictable so it may be difficult for many to treat and get rid of this. That is why it is very frustrating. Sometimes people do not get their hair back even after best treatment they apply. It is seen that 10% of total patient have full recovery experience. According to a statistics, 0.1% to 0.2% is affected with alopecia areata. This people are not only have this problem due to their inheritance but the environmental factors also equally responsible for this.


So it can be concluded that alopecia areata is genetical problem to some extent but it become more risky if external factors are accompanied simultaneously.


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    Is Alopecia a Genetic Disorder?
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