Is Alopecia a Genetic Disorder?


Some terms like-high stress, pregnancy, lack of protein, anemia, hypothec roidism, vitamins-D deficiency, autoimmune- related hair loss, dramatic weight loss, lupus, chemotherapy, antidepressants, over styling Dear readers, in recent times, Alopecia, a kind of hair fall problem, is very irritating and can totally destroy ones beauty. It is one of the common problems often seen among many people. Regardless of ages, sexes anybody may be victim of this type of hair fall disorder.


However, Alopecia is the medical term, which is used to mean hair loss. There may be a number of reasons or causes to develop Alopecia in anybody. So you can not exactly say that it is a genetic disorder. Though there may be a genetic link in some cases, but it is not a must have reason you can say. Alopecia may occur both naturally and affected by any types of disease or by use of certain medications, aging so on may also be associated with to trigger hair fall problem like- alopecia. On other hand, if you have any type of injury then it also can be potential reasons to develop alopecia as well.


So depending on the reason to develop Alopecia symptoms may vary (such as- bald patches to complete baldness) as well. That means, whether your hair fall is hereditary or by the effect of some other diseases or medications.


Is Alopecia a Genetic Disorder?


‘Is Alopecia a genetic disorder?’ is a very complicated to answer I think. Since it is tough to answer straight forward, hence hardly I can tell you about it. But one thing to tell you  that, like other some risk factors which are consider as potential causes to develop Alopecia, family history one can be one of them at best. But not the only cause as I have mentioned earlier in this ongoing article.


In that case, I think, there is no reasons to panic about it. Anyways, Alopecia usually occurs due to the disruption of normal function of hair follicles. This disruption is usually occurred by the immune system .that means, when immune system disturbs the usual activities of hair follicles it may cause hair fall or Alopecia. But it is still unknown why victim’s immune system treats like this. However, in most cases, genetics is termed a possible reply but it is certainly not only factor yet. Since abnormal immune responses may be responsible for Alopecia but not everyone, who gets victimized of it has abnormal family history of immune responses always. Yes, you can be the only and first person of your family who experiencing this type of hair fall disorder. From this discussion, it is now clear to state that other environmental factors (trauma, surgery, injection, changing hormone of pregnancy so on) are also guilty for the building of autoimmune diseases and Alopecia other than the genetic factor. These other factors are usually called as “triggers”.


Can a Parent pass it on to his Child?


Though there is a possibility to develop Alopecia both in parent and his child as well, but there are lot more history of child who are victimized of Alopecia which is not the same time, there are also lot more example of parent who has Alopecia but does not pass it on to his children.


Finally, I am to tell that, as there are several types of Alopecia are seen among patients, so there their reasons or causes are also can be different as well. So hereditary or genetic whatever you call it by is can a single reason or cause, but not everything to develop alopecia. Hence, after being victimized of it you need to go under care of an expertise or doctor to diagnosis exact reason behind the development of Alopecia disorder.


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