How to Keep Your Hair Healthy


Recently we all have become concerned with our looks. Our hair contributes a lot in developing a pleasant and attractive look. So we all have to fight a battle to keep our personality attractive. This battle is basically to keep hair healthy and full. But most of us fail to win the battle. With age, people start losing hair. Besides hormonal imbalance, menopause, poor diet, stress, over use of hair care products and devices are major reasons for damaging hair.


It is really difficult task to keep hair healthy by preventing all facts. So every steps need to be taken very carefully if you really want to have a complete hairline. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy.


Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently


There is confusion among expert over how many times hair should be washed every week. But most of them think that it should not be more than three times per week. As our hair follicles produce natural oil to protect hair, if you wash too much then hair will lose oil and it will be at risk of damage.


Understanding Pattern of Hair


How you should take care your hair depends on what type of hair you have. Depending on your hair pattern times of washing hair is determined. If your hair is curlier then you can stay longer without washing hair. But if you have straight hair than you cannot go without washing for long time. You lifestyle also regulates the way of treating hair. If you stay long time out of home then you need to wash your more frequently.


Massage Your Scalp


Do you want to have healthy hair follicles? Then you must ensure your scalp is getting proper blood. Good blood circulation is must to reach necessary nutrients to the follicles. Sometimes blood circulation slow down to the scalp for many reasons. If you massage your scalp on regular basis then follicles will get a good flow of blood. So the hair follicles will remain healthy.


Apply Castor Oil, Dry Shampoo


Normally your hair produce natural oil in your hair. But applying external hair oil like castor oil olive oil etc. will create a texture on hair shaft which will protect from dryness. Dry shampoo is not harsh so it will not damage your hair.


Consume Protein Rich Foods


Hair is made of protein. That is why our body need plenty of protein to provide energy to hair follicles. Include eggs, tuna fish, beef, and lamb in your meal. If you are vegetarian, then add beans, soy protein, lentils in your meal. Protein is essential nutrient, so you have to consume it on daily basis. Otherwise, your hair will be weak and start losing.


Reduce Stress


Stress will destroy your hair health if you do not minimize it at right time. It has been normal for people of this age to have stress. But you have to know the techniques about how to avoid it. Because the more you have stress the more you risk your hair to loss.


Have Proper Sleep


You already know that blood circulation is precondition for maintaining a healthy hair. A sound sleep ensures a good blood circulation. To make your bodywork best you have to sleep 7-8 hours. Avoid stimulating foods such as caffeine, tea, alcohol etc.


Provide Food to Your Hair


Eating is not enough for healthy hair. You have to feed your hair external food. Apply hair pack for supplying necessary nutrients to the follicles and hair shafts. If you think that, you are nutrients deficient then consume some supplements.


Treat Hair Gently


Be gentle to your hair and handle carefully. How you treat your also contributes to improve a good healthy hair. Do not use too tight hair bands or do not make tight ponytail. It will impair your hair follicles.


You have to be little cautious for maintaining healthy hair. Because it is little difficult and tricky. So follow the steps described above and have a good looking healthy hair.



Is it good for your Hair to Brush?


Benefits of brushing hair are exciting. It is a non-toxic approach to getting beautiful hair. However, the benefits of brushing hair come only with using right tool or a quality brush. Using just any commercial brushes can be damaging to hair. Synthetic bristles of some brushes cause friction on hair, resulting in cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair frizzy and lusterless. No one wants such damage. High quality boar bristle brush is considered to be a very good tool in brushing hair.


Two of the most important elements that contribute to maintenance and rejuvenation of healthy hair include proper brushing and scalp massaging. The only element that is more beneficial than hair brushing is nourishing diet and avoiding toxic chemicals.


Merits of Brushing Your Hair


Brushing hair with a boar bristle brush is cleansing


Brushing hair is like a form of dry shampooing. Proper brushing can remove waste materials including catarrh, uric acid crystals and other impurities, which build up and get encrusted on the scalp. Instead of using toxic shampoos, relying on proper brushing can help maintain hair hygiene.


Brushing can condition and strengthen hair


Proper brushing does not just clean hair. It can also condition your hair. Hair brushing helps distribute your natural sebum evenly through the hair. This enhances overall hair health. As your hair is coated with sebum, moisture is restored. Hair remains generally more shiny, smooth and manageable.


Brushing hair can prevent hair loss


Brushing hair with a boar bristle brush stimulates the capillaries, enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and taking oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. It facilitates balancing sebaceous glands by stimulating them and allowing them to breathe while retaining natural oils. Balancing sebaceous glands is important. For hair loss, blame often goes to sebaceous glands imbalance, as underproduction or overproduction of sebum causes weakening and undernourishment of the scalp.


How to Brush to Optimize Benefits


Getting the right tools


Using a high-quality boar bristle brush can help optimize benefits. Boar bristles are similar to human hair. They can strengthen and add natural shine to your hair. High-quality boar bristle brush can be little expansive. However, investing in right tool can save you in costly hair treatments. Morocco Method products are of high quality and hair friendly.


Doing it right


In order to increase the blood flow into your scalp, it is useful to stand straight first and then bend from waist downwards as far as possible. This enhances blood circulation, which contributes in stimulating and nourishing scalp and hair follicles, promoting growth of new hair.


Start brushing in the areas of nape of the neck. Then move onto the sides and crown, brushing all the way to the front facial hairline. Brush your hair for at least three to five minutes in slow easy strokes. Stand up slowly and bend again to do the brushing in reverse order. This helps ensure that your hair is coated with sebum thoroughly. Sebum is natural elixir that helps condition your hair.


Brushing vs. Detangling


There is a difference between brushing and detangling. Detangling facilitates brushing. It is important to detangle your hair before brushing. Instead of using a boar bristle brush, it is good to use a wide toothcomb to detangle hair.


When to brush


Experts recommend brushing three times a day. It is helpful in reaping benefits of hair brushing.




It is important not to brush or untangle your hair when they are wet. This can cause breakage of hair. In case you want to brush hair after shower, always use a wide-tooth comb gently so that the hair gets untangled causing no damage. Pulling your hair too hard can cause snapping which is painful.


Even though brushing is beneficial in a number of ways, doing it excessively can be counterproductive. Brushing too much causes friction on hair, resulting in breakage and cuticle damage. This also makes the hair frizzy and lusterless.


Brushing properly facilitates hair care naturally. Getting advice from a hair care expert can help optimize benefits of brushing hair.


Why is Boar Bristle Brush good?


Boar bristle is an amazing hairbrush, which has been in use for centuries and multiple cultures across the globe. They have long been highly useful in creating healthy and shiny hair without using styling products. This type of brushes have number of qualities that make hair look wonderful and keep them healthy. Just brushing with boar bristle brush alone is useful. It can do unimaginable things that no other magic method or shampoo promises to do. Below are some of the benefits of using boar bristle brush.


Natural Conditioning of Hair


Boar bristle brushing is considered a conditioning treatment. Originally, it had been designed to enhance hair texture and shine before products like hair serums and conditioners existed. It has unique structure, which can carry sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft. Sebum is the oil produced by the scalp. A boar bristle brush adds lustrous shine to hair and repairs dry hair by coating each hair stand with very tiny amount of sebum. Brushing adequately means well-conditioned and healthy hair.


Improved Hair Texture


Boar bristle brushing on regular basis can improve hair texture. It adds bouncy volume and shine to straight hair. It can condition and slightly loosen the curl for those who have curly hair.


Reducing Frizz


Sebum is the most-effective and original anti-frizz serum. As boar bristle brush can lubricate each hair strand with sebum, significant decrease in frizz can occurs.


Stimulating Scalp


Many users feel boar bristle brushing a relaxing experience. To many, it feels divine on the scalp. It helps stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which can enhance hair growth.


Reducing need for Styling Products


Incorporating boar bristle brushing into hair care routine can help you save both time and money on styling products. As regular brushing can keep your hair softer, healthier and conditioned, you will not need to use leave-in conditioners or hair serums.


Reducing the frequency of Washing


Women used to wash their hair less frequently or once every week before handheld hair dryers and curling iron became available. Washing hair frequently is actually a modern practice. A boar bristle brush helps maintain clean and healthy hair. Using a boar bristle brush can block oil-build-up on the scalp, which weights hair down and makes it look greasy. By using a boar bristle brush, most women can reduce the frequency of hair washing to once in every four or five days.

There are few things to consider while using a boar bristle brush.


Choosing a right Boar Bristle Brush


For thick hair, narrowly spaced brushes are best. On the other hand, for thinner hair, the space between the bristles should be wider. Boar bristle brush is good for women with fine to medium hair. However, for women with thick or curly hair, it is not the same.  


Boar Bristle not for all


For shoulder-length or shorter hair, nylon ball-tipped brushes work best. It is better to prefer a nylon ball-tipped brush to a boar bristle brush, for shorter hair. On the other hand, for longer hair, you may prefer a non-ball-tipped and straight boar brush as they are tangled in the hair less.


Bigger Brush for Longer Hair


For longer hair, it is good to use a brush with bigger paddle. It is also good not to use ball-tipped brushes for longer hair. Using a larger brush helps reduce number of strokes, eliminating the probability of breaking your hair.


Cost Matters


It is good to get a high-quality boar bristle brush. Even though quality brush is little expansive, it is well worth it for both durability and efficacy. Mason Pearson has long been reputed company for producing excellent boar bristle brushes.


Following are the ways to use a boar bristle brush properly

  • It is good to use boar bristle brush in dry hair and avoid brushing wet hair. Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and sebum is not distributed well.
  • It is useful to detangle hair before using a boar bristle brush. A boar bristle brush does not detangle hair and can actually create more tangles when used in messed up hair. Using a wide-tooth comb is helpful in detangling hair gently before using a boar bristle brush.
  • It is a good idea to brush from root to tip. It helps distribute the sebum and creates bouncy and shiny look.
  • It is better to brush in sections unlike regular hairbrush.
  • It is better to avoid using hair styling products while using boar bristle brush regularly.


Cleaning brush regularly is important. Using a comb to remove hair from a boar bristle brush after each use is useful. Rinsing the brush under cool water and using a tightly woven towel to gently remove dandruff or anything else is helpful in cleaning the brush. 


For best results, it is good to use boar bristle brush regularly. Enjoying relaxation of boar bristle brushing every morning or evening can get you hooked with the gentle scalp massage and the healthy shine of hair.



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