How Hair Grows


Hair is the most amazing part of our body. It increases naturally and needs cut after certain days. Even it feels no pain when it is cut. After certain age, hair starts to change its color. At old age, it turns white color. Someone has black hair; some has grey, brown, red, curly and straight. Hair is not only found in head but also in everywhere except your lips, palm, feet soles etc.


Wherever it is seen, it grows in same way. Hair comes out from skin precisely from root. In roots all, the process of hair growing take place.


The Way Hair Grows


Hair root is the place where cells get together and these cells make keratin the main elements of hair. Keratin is made of protein. Keratin is not alive but the hair root is a living part. Hair root is located in follicles. When hair increases, it comes out from root and promoted by follicles. The part, which we see outside of the skin, is called hair shaft.


In the hair follicles, there is a blood vessels through which follicles is provided with required nutrients. Upper side of hair shaft is not alive and this is a reason we do not feel any pain. Nutrients are not well enough to keep hair shaft healthy, it needs oil to remain fresh and shiny. Sebaceous gland that produce oils to the hair that is why hair remain shiny.


Another amazing thing is we all have almost 100000-hair shaft and we all are losing hair 50-100 every day. People often become traumatized seeing hair shaft on their palm every day. But be relaxed it is normal to lose a certain number of hair. There are lot hair shaft that replace them. This a continuous cycle of falling and growing new hair. Hair specialist says that almost 85% of hair exist on your head. The rest of them remains in resting phase. The speed of hair growing varies with people to people. Normally hair increases by half inch per month. 


The Hair Growth Stages


Anagen Phase


It is a growth phase of hair when hair grows continually. Normally this growth phase exist for 2-6 years. This period can be different for different people. Due to this difference, some people have more long hair than other people. Hair of omen people do not exceeds waist due to a type of anagen phase. But some people have longer hair.


Catagen Phase


This is the shortest phase of hair growing cycle. It lasts only for 2-3 weeks. It is a transitional phase and this phase is a signal of ending of active hair growth. Almost 3% of total hair remain in this phase. During this period hair follicles shrinks to hair roots.


Telogen Phase


Telogen or resting phase is duration when hair growing process stops. Almost 6-8 percent of hair remain in this stage at a time. This period lasts for 3 months. At this period, hair starts falling so many people become anxious. Remember that per day 50-100 hairs stay in in this phase so there is no reason that to worry about this.


Sometimes you may notice hair is falling more than usual. There are some facts, which regulates the phases of hair. For example stress level, nutritional intakes, age, medication, etc. affects very much to hair growing process. If you find or identify any of this reason then you should be alert. Because if this is not fixed at primary stage then it may turn to serious problems. But it is also necessary to be sure that you are having abnormal condition of hair growing process.

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