Hormones Stimulate Hair Growth


Hair fall and growing process is very complicated process. It is very difficult to find out actual reason of hair fall. Your mental or physical changes are mainly exposed through your hair. Most of the time these changes are happened for hormonal reaction. When your hair falls, it means some hormone has been increased or decreased. Hormones not only regulates hair growth but also determine whether new hair will grow or stop. It also control how much and what type of hair will grow.


Hormone and Hair Growth


Androgens that is known as male hormones drastically increase hair growth in woman’s body but it sometimes causes hair fall also. But there is a problem that it causes unwanted hair growth in body. It is known as hirsutism. Although clinically it is not a problem but it may cause embarrassment for woman. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is another hormone related issue that affect woman. You will have additional hair in your face but scalp hair growth will be influenced due to hormonal changes.    


What Hormones promote Hair Growth?


I have already discussed about exceptional hair growth, in this phase I will discuss what factors and hormones affect normal hair growth.

  • Gonadotropins has direct contribution in producing testosterone and estrogen hormones, which regulates hair growth. It also works with progesterone to determine whether hair grow or does not grow. This hormone indirectly help to grow hair.
  • Thyroxin also indirectly helps hair growing. When you are in deficit of this hormone then your hair will start falling. Although there is little information about how it helps hair growing.
  • Androgens is a hormone that has direct influence in hair growing. Androgens is male hormone but it is produced in both male and female. If it is produced excessively then additional hair grows in face and other parts of body.   


Some tips for promoting Hormonal Hair Growth

  • Have apple cider vinegar with protein rich foods. it will stimulate hair growth.
  • Forget about all processed and sugar contained foods. Reduce dairy intake as it deteriorate hair loss. 
  • If you want to keep a biotin balance then eating egg with yolk can serve this purpose most.
  • Eat silica rich foods like sprouts, bell pepper and celery.
  • Keep plenty of brown rice, berries, protein, coconut milk and egg in your daily


There are some medicine that keep hormonal imbalance in check and increases production of favorable hormones. Besides drinking water, reduce hormonal disorder. Always try to drink before going to bed and after waking up. This habit will flash out all toxic element from your body. Stress also contributes in changing hormonal behavior. So do not take any stress if you are stressful situation you can go for stress removing therapy. Swimming, walking, exercising reduce stress. Sleeping disorder is also create hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. When you go under sleeping your hormones behaves improperly. That leads to unwanted hair fall. Moreover you poor diet is also responsible for your hair loss to some extent. Because when your body does not get required amount of nutrients the production of hormones stop and hair loss increases.


If you think you are losing hair due to lack of hormone then identify the exact hormone that is causing hair fall. In addition, consult your doctor to keep it in balance.


Testosterone - DHT Conversion and Effects


Testosterone is the main androgen hormone that is secreted in the body. In order for testosterone to get to other parts of the body such as the skin or the brain, it bonds with the enzyme 5-alpha and produces DHT.


DHT plays vital role in development of male characteristics including muscle mass and a deep voice. It is behind development of penis and prostate, during fetal development. DHT regulates hair growth when it is in normal level. Increase in 5-alpha reductase in the body can lead to increase in the amount of testosterone converting into DHT, which may cause hair loss. The possible reason behind such hair loss is that increased conversion of testosterone into DHT causes an acceleration of the life cycle of the hair and increase in number of hairs in resting phase. Besides, reduction of blood circulation to the hair follicles occurs and hair follicles shrink gradually. Hair follicles cannot be nourished properly to survive.


DHT is also seemingly responsible for an autoimmune response in the body that ruins the hair follicles. Most of the treatments for hair loss involves blocking or reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT in order to delay the development of alopecia.


Both internal and external factors can influence DHT. For example, it is believed that stress is linked to hair loss. It is because stress causes the release of cortisol hormone, which increases adrenaline, testosterone and DHT. Underactive thyroid can also affect hormone levels and cause hair loss. People with enlarged prostate usually have increased DHT levels. There is even an interesting theory that suggests that the mechanism that develops male pattern baldness is the body’s means to safeguard men from prostate cancer.


Regulating levels of testosterone and it’s conversion into DHT can significantly reduce negative effects of excessive amount of DHT.



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