Hair Shedding

Shedding hair or losing hair is not unnatural incident. It is part of internal body process that take place every day. Many people unnecessarily become worried with few hair loss. If you notice that you are losing increasing number of hair loss then it is a matter of tension. Although there is a question about how much hair loss is normal, is there any cross line that defines hair shedding? Of course there is a boundary that ranges from 50-100 hairs per day. If it surpasses these limits then you can thing about the solution to reduce hair shedding.


But sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you hair is shedding or not. To monitor your hairline take a year or six months old picture to checkout your forehead and widows peak. If you see some hair receding in the hairline then you should pay attention to this problem.


Examine your hair loss

When you are losing some here, take few of them and look closely. If you find some hair are thin but good in structure then it can be a symptom of miniaturization. Miniaturization causes hair follicles to produce thin and shirt hair. Male hormones mainly cause miniaturization. As it progress on the hair starts appearing thinner. It causes shedding very often.


Going the root of the problem

Hair shedding is related with dry scalp. Dry or itchy scalp is a big signal for hair shedding. Conditioner or aloe vera treatment sometimes prevents hair against damage. But often it is not enough to prevent hair shedding by aloe vera treatment. You have to think the problem more deeply. Our scalp is filled with small hair follicles. These hair follicles composition are very complicated. If the hair follicles are affected any way then hair shedding is obvious.


Way to reduce hair shedding

There are many solutions you will find for hair loss, but if you categorize this solution then you will find only two types of solutions. One is supplementary solution and the other is dietary solution. You can find a number of supplement in the market that helps to prevent hair loss. But I recommend you to consult your doctor before asking any of it. Along with supplement, combine foods that ensure enough of nutrients necessary for hair growth. Secondly, you have to massage your scalp while washing your hair, rub the hair with oil etc.


Another important thing you have to consider is controlling your stress. If you remain in metal pressure throughout the day then it is a going to affect your follicles so that hair will start shedding. Keep yourself in a jolly mood, go for walk or you can spend a quality time with friends having fun. All these activity will help you to be in good mood.


It is also seen that some woman does excess hairstyle not considering the ultimate result in long run. If you tie your hair with very tight band then your hair will be damaged. So be in love with your hair otherwise, it will be too late.


So it is a time to take care your scalp and hair, should not you? I think what I have said can make some difference in reducing your hair shedding problem. For the solution of this problem, you have to have patience and you should not be worried at all, as being tense can worsen the situation more. That’s why you have to monitor the problem carefully and take necessary action consulting your doctor. The role of counseling is important here so follow it strictly and hopefully you will be benefited from it very soon.


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