Passion of having thick hair


thick hair


A person with thick hair often gets appreciation from his friends. He becomes flooded with quotes like “I will do anything to have gorgeous hair like yours. But they say it without knowing the reality regarding the stressful maintenance of thick hair.


Of course, a face with full-headed hair looks attractive and charming. I have observed that people having thick hair are more confident and positive towards their life. They are more social than the people having less hair. Thick hair helps to build a strong mentality and personality.


On the other side, you also find some people with thick hair but not satisfied with their hair. Because thick hair needs more attention to care.


I know someone who has thick and long hair but always expresses his irritation for having thick hair.

I am asking you, if you have thick hair instead of thin hair what type of problem would you face? This question may make you laugh. Because you always see a dream to have thick hair. So you don’t want to find any disadvantage of having thick hair, right?


I am telling you. There are some problems having thick hair. You cannot make ponytail for a long time. Hair becomes tangled and it is very painful to fix this tangle. Hair bands are often broken by thick hair.

However, there are some demerits of thick hair yet a few people would like to have thin hair.


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