Some facts about hair loss remedies



Remedies refers those cautious steps, whichare taken before being affected. To take right action of remedies, you must know the right reason of your hair fall. So before diving to the remedies try to understand if, you are affected by hair loss. If you are sure that it is not regular hair fall then various steps of remedy you can apply.


Before going to the insides of the remedies, I want to clear the distinction between remedies and prevention. The steps of remedies are taken at the primary stage of disease when it starts to show some symptoms. But steps of prevention are taken after being affected by particular diseases.


Here I am going to present the remedy steps that you can take at your home.


Onion Juice

Onion juice is one of the ancient remedies that is used for hair fall. You can easily apply onion juice on your scalp. It is proven that onion juice helps to regrow hair. Do you have any idea how onion helps to grow hair? Onion has antibacterial capability that destroys the bacteria responsible for scalp infection. It also has sulfur that improves blood circulation of the scalp and increases hair growth.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another widely used remedy for hair loss. You may have tasted aloe vera as a soft drink. But it can also be used as hair fall treatment. Aloe vera pulp keep balance of ph levels of the scalp. It stimulates the deep of the scalp as a result hair starts to grow. You can use aloe vera pulp onto your scalp but before that; ensure you have washed your hair. Massage the hair gently. Then wash it with cold water.



You know, Neem is a very effective antibiotic to treat any infection. If you are troubling with dandruff, neem can be effective remedy for you. It removes the dandruff and improves the health of your scalp. Using neem is not a complex process. First boil some neem leaves, leave it to cool. After that, you can wash your hair with this mixture.



Amla is widely available and vitamin ‘c’ enriched fruit. You can also use amla for hair treatment. There are number of method to applyamla. You can boil amla in coconut oil, and then apply to your scalp. Secondly, you can extract amla and mix with lime juice. Then you can apply this mixture on your scalp. Amla contains vitamin ‘c’ that absorb iron as a result your hair follicles become strong and healthy.


Besides all these, you can use henna, fenugreek, beetroot, coconut milk, green tea etc asnatural remedies. So you don’t need to worry about the side effects. If this remedy steps are taken at proper time and applied with proper process, you can hope to get rid of this hair fall problem very soon.



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