Hair Loss in woman


hair loss in women


Hair is an essential element for the beauty of every woman. It gives the fullness of personality to them. At the same time, it is matter of great mental agony for a woman if hair fall occurs regularly.


I have seen many woman who spend hour after hour to care their hair. It implies thatevery woman is passionate for her hair. Many woman suffering from hair fall become anxious whether they will get the right partner or their partner will love them. That is why hair fall is not only a physical problem but also a mental problem that influence the married life of every couple.


In this article, I will present the nature of hair loss in woman. You may have known that heredity hair is the common reason for man and woman. But there are some other reason for woman hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is caused by the same reason as men, the androgenic alopecia. Due to this reason hair thinning starts on the front of the scalp

Here I am describing some reasons of woman hair loss.


Telogen Effluvium

After pregnancy, major surgery, weight loss Telogen effluvium may occur. Some medication for pregnancy or surgery also causes this. If you are in stressful situation Telogen effluvium also may happen with you. You will experience handful hair after applying shampoo, brush etc.



Among the patient of Hypothyroidism, most are woman. Thyroid hormone is responsible for the growth of your hair. If this hormone is produced, less then extensive hair loss takes place.



Lupus is another fatal disease that makes immune system attack the healthy tissue. Normally woman face lupus after giving birth a child. So how would you know that you are affected by lupus? Headache, ulcer, fever, swelling in feet and hand are the symptom of lupus. If you see these symptoms consult your doctor.  Extensive hair loss is another major sign of lupus.


Iron Deficiency

At the time of heavy period if you don’t have a sufficient amount of iron rich food, you have to face iron deficiency. Most of the time iron deficiency leads to mild hair loss.


Excessive styling

Artificial color, excessive use of shampoo are harmful for scalp and hair. Applying various chemical made hair products can seriously damage the hair follicles. So choosing the right products and applying with proper knowledge can reduce the risk of hair fall.

At last, I would say if you can identify the underlying causes of your hair fall then it would be easy to go for treatment. As early you can detect the causes, your hair loss will be minimized.


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