Research shows that hair loss in men is very common

Hair loss in men

If I say you to imagine a picture of bald person, you are most probably going to think a picture of a bald man. Because baldness is very common to male. Androgenic alopecia is another name of hair loss in men. This is the most common pattern of hair loss in men and it is mostly genetic. Hair loss in men is related with male sex hormone. This hormone influence the hair growth. But you can be happy knowing the fact that inherited hair loss has no effect on your health. Although in some cases, it is a symptom of some fatal diseases.


I have analyzed that the male who have close relatives with male pattern baldness are at a risk tobe affected by hair loss. Especially if your maternal relatives are affected then it becomes truer.


Now, you may ask whether there is any way to prevent hair loss in men. As I have already explained that hair, loss in male is mostly genetic.So you can easily understand that actually there is no particular way to prevent hair loss. But some steps may delay the process of hair loss. Reducing stress level, relaxing, mood, music etc can prevent some hair loss.


However, there are some medication to cure hair loss. But this medication does not work to everyone equally. Among some medication minoxidil, finastrideare most effective.


There some other ways to address hair loss. Your hairstyle can reduce the degree of hair loss. Sometimes you can use wigs and weaves to cover your scalp.


At last, If there is no fruitful way to cure hair loss then I would advise you to accept the reality.  Although being bald is a great change and challenge. That’s why it is difficult to accept baldness at first. But you can take counseling to reduce depression and anxiety. It will bring mental peace and confidence.


Reasons for Hair Loss in Men under 25


Hair loss is often considered something that happens in older men only. But, hair loss in early 20s or premature balding isn’t rare anymore. It is also getting increasingly common in younger man. In some cases, a boy as young as fifteen can experience signs like development of a widow’s peak or thinning hair. The reasons behind this is more about how we live our modern lives than about bad luck or genes. There are four major reasons for hair loss including poor nutrition, pollution, vices and stress, as pointed out by Italian scientist Dr. Falvio Ferrari and Swedish hair specialist Dr. Fred Zuli. Apart from these four reasons, there are also other reasons that can contribute to hair loss in men under 25.




It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. Serious hair loss or alopecia indicates that something went wrong with our body, as suggested by trichologist Dr. Apoorva Shah. Any extreme physical or mental stress can trigger hair shedding after a gap of three months. For example, food poisoning causes mal-absorption of nutrients, resulting in hair fall in the next few months.


Even though balding can be associated with genetics, stressful life is also to blame for balding.  For both men and women, stressful lifestyle is a major reason for hair loss. Stress causes body to produce more androgens. Androgen is a male hormone. Increase in androgen results in release of the hair loss-causing chemical DHT.


Energy is in demand for hair follicles to grow. Coenzyme Q10, found in meat, fish, and whole grains enhances the scalp’s ability to produce energy, particularly in a cell’s energy factory or mitochondria. Stress causes oxidation, which harms Coenzyme Q10 and consequently energy production as well. Stress is one of the major contributors for hair loss.


Simple changes in lifestyle such as having seven hours of sleep, eating enough protein-rich foods, drinking a glass of water every hour etc. can be significantly helpful.




Malnutrition can be a problem for healthy hair. Hair grows much faster than any other part of the body. Therefore, it needs to be fed properly. Food is clearly linked with hair. A protein called keratin is involved in the making of hair. So, it’s important to have enough protein in your diet. When we consume low-protein diet, body gets forced to save the protein for other purposes such as rebuilding cells, which deprives hair from protein. Walnuts, almonds, spinach, milk and tofu are good for hair. Green tea is also good as it blocks out dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which causes hair loss.




Smoking is associated with hair fall. Smokers inhale carbon monoxide, which keeps the blood from transporting key nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles. The blood vessels also get narrowed down by nicotine, which hampers growth of fresh hair.


Excessive Drinking


Excessive drinking can be a problem for hair. Alcohol reduces iron supply in body, causing difficulty in absorption of zinc. Excessive drinking can also cause dehydration, which prevents body from absorbing vital nutrients. As about one-fourth of hair is water, excessive alcohol and dehydration can leave hair brittle.


Hereditary Hair Loss


Hereditary hair loss is also common in young men, which may get triggered by an inherent bald gene.


Recreational Drug


Recreational drug can be a potential reason for hair fall as they are like a shock to the system. Use of recreational drug is often followed by deteriorated health and nutrient depletion, which can result in possible side effect of permanent or temporary hair fall.


Scalp Condition


A scalp condition such as Psoriasis can be a reason for hair fall in the short term. However, once the scalp has been treated, hair can return to it’s normal state.


There are numerous reasons for hair loss in men under 25, most of which can be addressed. In case of temporary hair losses, when reasons are addressed, hair growth can get back to normal. Quitting smoking, avoiding or reducing consumption of alcohol, avoiding recreational drugs, addressing reasons for stress, having proper diet etc. can help curb hair loss significantly in men under 25.


Consumption of Hair-Friendly food can combat Hair Loss


Vitamin B9, B5, B3 and E found in spinach, broccoli, soya beans, fish, chicken and orange are good for hair. Zinc found in egg yolk, oats, dairy and wheat is good for hair. Magnesium found in cashews, banana, tuna and milk is good for hair. Iron found in beans, fortified cereals, leafy greens and fish is good for hair.


Massaging Hair with Hot Oil


Using heated oil such as almond or coconut oil is useful. Slowly massaging you scalp with oil can help increase flow of blood to the hair follicles. It can help condition scalp and make roots of hair stronger.


Hair fall can be distressful, as younger men are more appearance-conscious than older men or previous generations. The good thing is that being aware of the reasons for hair loss can help address the issue in many cases.



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