Hair loss cure is possible. Yes, I am telling the truth


hair loss cure


These days, Hair loss is no longer a problem. Some treatments are easily available everywhere. Although few type of hair loss are permanent. Soyou cannot fix this type of hair loss.


Some people think that if hair loss is occurred, it cannot be regained. But the matter of hope is some medications have made this possible. I personally know someone who experienced extensive hair loss. But after treatment, he has regained his lost hair. That’s why my advice is, if you are facing some kind of hair loss, just go to a doctor without dissipating any time. I hope that you will gain your lost hair.


Remember one thing, whatever the treatment is, it can regrow your hair and slow the process of hair loss. But it can’t give a permanent solution of hair loss. Therefore, you have to accept a certain number of hair loss.


I am presenting here a few option for hair treatment.

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Wigs or hairpiece.




In my previous article, I have described some remedies that you can apply at home. But medication option can only be taken if you are prescribed by a doctor. Among the medication option minoxidil and finastride are widely prescribed medicine.




Minoxidil is a liquid medicine that is applied on the scalp. Applying a few drop of minoxidil, you have to rub your scalp. Within four months, I am hopeful that you will experience hair regrowth. Besides the benefits of regrowing hair, you may experience some side effects like rash, scalp irritation, unwanted hair growth etc




Finasteride is another medicine that is prescribed only for men. It is not suitable for woman. People who are prescribed with this medicine reports that they have experienced slow hair loss. At the same time, they alleged of having less sexual desire.




Surgery is permanent solution for hair loss treatment. When there are no hope to regrow your hair, you can consult your doctor for surgery. During the surgery,some hair follicles are removed from hair containing area. Then this hair is placed on the bald area. It is the most expensive option for hair loss treatment. At the same time,it is very painful medication.


Wigs and hairpiece


If you don’t want to go with the painful treatment or any side effects, wigs or hairpiece can be the best way to cover your bald. You can also avoid financial cost and physical pain.


The above-mentioned options can be taken according to your physical and economic capability. So choose the option, which is the best for you


Can Hereditary Hair Loss be Cured?


Genetically predisposed or hereditary disease affects those people whose ancestor has or had this particular disease anytime of their life. Hereditary hair loss also such a disease that is transferred through people blood related people. When it is the cause then external causes become mere an excuse for deteriorating the condition. As it is already in their blood, so the condition reveals anytime of their life.


Normally hair loss is known as alopecia areata in medical term and it has multiple reason to occur. These reasons includes fungal infection, traumatic damage, side effects of some treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and lack of nutrition. But hereditary hair loss does not shows any other symptoms except extreme hair loss after certain age.


Due to hereditary hair loss there is some hormonal changes take place inside the follicles. Hair follicles squeezed and the growth cycle becomes short. So every follicle produce thin and short hair.


Whom Hereditary Hair Affects Most


This condition is true for both men and woman. It is seen that up to 50% men will be affected at certain time. It is involve with male sex hormone so it affects mostly men.


Now come to the point that whether it would be cured or not. It is hypothetical matter that needs a long discussion. But in short if it is said, then I can assure you that hair loss is non curable disease. Yes, some treatment can improve and minimize that damage but can’t cure completely. This condition is much truer for hereditary hair loss, as it is caused by genetics.  


Hereditary hair loss in woman might be expressed after menopause and pregnancy. Some facts such as breastfeeding, stress, menstruation exacerbate the condition.   


How Hereditary Hair can be Controlled


For treating hereditary hair loss, it is essential to diagnose hair loss pattern. As genes and hormone play a crucial role, so it must be tested first. At the same time, other causes should not be overlooked such as fungal infection. For checking hormonal condition, blood test or skin biopsy may be required 


Some external medicine that can slow the hair loss pattern is fruitful for regaining lost hair. These medicines can suppress the symptoms but if it is stopped then the previous hair fall problem appears again. One of the wide applied medicine is Minoxidil, which instigate follicles to be activated and produce hair. Another medicine is finasteride, which is exclusively effective for men that reduces hair fall up to 80%. Even it promotes new hair growth to some people. But it is not equally effective for all people. The result may vary from people to people.    


Using these medications many people may not sure, whether it is working or not. But if you see any hair temporary hair fall it means it is working. Because at the beginning it causes some hair fall and within few months it grows your hair back. Older hairs fall down and helps to grow newer one.      


As the problem is genetic and complex so it can’t be completely cured rather it can be improved and minimized with some preventive measures.

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