Hair Loss causes


Hair loss causes


There are so many causes of hair loss. At the same time, the symptoms of hair loss vary with the causes. So it is bit tough to determine the right causes of hair fall for the common people. But don’t worry I am going to describe the causes of hair fall in a simple and easy way.


You have already known that up to 100 hair fall everyday is acceptable and normal. Usually, you cannot understand this type of normal hair fall. That’s why you don’t need to be anxious with hair fall. But at the time of excessive hair fall you have to be cautious in finding out the right causes of hair fall.


If you ask me the most common causes of hair fall then without doubt my answer will be heredity. Although there are some, other causes of hair fall. Here I am giving a description of the causes of hair fall.


  1. Heredity
  2. Hormonal changes.
  3. Medical condition
  4. Medication




Heredity refers those characteristics and attributes that are inherited from parents. If you have hair fall history in your family then it is most likely that you are going to suffer hair loss. There are two types of heredity hair loss.


  • Male pattern baldness.
  • Female pattern baldness.


In male pattern baldness, bald spot is appeared in front of the head. On the other side woman experience thinning hair in female pattern baldness.


Hormonal Changes and Medical Condition


This is the temporary causes. Hormonal changes mainly take place to the woman during pregnancy and menopause. Emotional feeling is also responsible for hormonal changes.


Patchy Hair Loss


It is also known as alopecia areata. When your hair follicles are affected by your body’s immune system, you will experience hair loss. Due to this cause, people have bald patches on different place of the head.


Scalp Infection


Various type of worm may attack the skin of scalp and hair. It causes many patches on the scalp. But amazing matter is, hair is not damaged permanently. After treating the infection area, hair starts growing back.


Hair Pulling Disorder


It is a weird cause of hair fall. Hair pulling disorder make the affected people pull their hair from the scalp and other part of the body.




Some drugs of various diseases also responsible causes of hair loss. The patient of cancer, arthritis, heart problem, high blood pressure faces extensive hair fall. Some radiation therapy, treatment and hairstyle are also responsible for hair loss. 




Hair Loss with Age


Grey hair, hair loss, thinning hair, weak eyes, wrinkles etc. are some common sign of aging. Aging is a natural process, every living existence has concede this reality, and at one stage, the life stops. But there are some people who are having grey hair and hair loss problem at very young age. This is another topic, which is not relevant to our today’s discussion. In this article, we will find out some facts behind hair loss with age.


Behind the Scene of Hair Loss with Age


People loses hair throughout their life but most of the hair permanently drops out by 50 years old. Hair growing process follow a cycle of three stage. Anagen, catagen and telogen are three stages. In anagen stage, hair grows continuously and it is the stage in which most hair stays long period. Telogen stage is phase when hair remains in dormant stage. Catagen is the conversion stage between anagen and telogen stage. As we are aged our most of our hair goes to telogen stage at the same the time phase of anagen stage. In this condition, hair drops out more than ever. With increasing age men loses hair from their crown but woman loses hair from all over the scalp.


Signs of Aging Hair Loss


Having Grey Hair


Your aging story starts with grey hair. On an average a person, firstly see grey hair on his scalp when he or she is around 30s. But by 40s most of the people have grey hair on their scalp. Have you ever thought why hair becomes grey? Because your cells of scalp become prosaic. Cells stop to supply pigment to hair shaft.


Hair Thinning


It is quite normal to lose some hair on everyday basis. During menopause and pregnancy woman loses some more hair than usual. At the same time due to hormonal changes at different stage of life hair fall out. As time passes with age, hair starts to fall more. With increasing age, hair follicles become squeezed and produce less hair or thinner hair. As a result, the rate of hair fall is increased.


Dry Hair


When you start getting older, oil glands produce less oil so it becomes drier. Oil protects our hair shaft from adverse weather and environmental pollution. If oil glands does not produce enough oil to hair shaft then scalp become harsh and hair starts to fall.


Brittle Hair


At young age hair shaft remains strong and elastic. But when you reach to old age your hair shaft become inelastic and brittle. So hair shaft breakage becomes more common. Dry hair is at great risk of breakage. People who use chemical made hair care product frequently have hair breakage. Some people have biotin deficiency with age; they are also at risk of hair loss.            


Hair Thickness Change


With the change of age, hair strands become thinner with less oil and pigment. So the coat and thickness of hair becomes thinner, finer and grey hair. The condition further deteriorate with time.


These are all process that take place within our body with increased age. Although these incidents occur so slowly we often do not pay any attention. So gradually, it happens inside our body but we remain almost unaware but when it reaches in a complete form, it attracts our attention. It is very normal and natural but if you can identify the signs at early stage or young age then you can prolong the aging hair loss process. Go with natural treatment to improve the condition rather any eye catchy and alluring treatment options.




Cause of Hair Loss at Young Age


At young age hair fall is really a matter to worry. But most of the young people cannot distinguish between normal hair loss and abnormal hair fall. They become concern having few hair fall. Therefore, it is very common to make mistakes using wrong hair care product. As a result, some people deteriorate the condition and start losing more hair. Almost fifty percent of men suffer from male pattern baldness medically known as androgenic alopecia. Hair fall at young age is mostly caused by genes.




DHT is an androgen, which is produced from male hormone. It is responsible for most of the hair fall at young age. DHT attacks hair follicles and block pores of follicles. Therefore, hair cannot get any nutrients. As time passes, hair strands become weak and fall out. This type of hair fall is mostly found among men. If this DHT is produced abundantly then hair fall may turn to worst condition.




Genes or hereditary hair loss is another top reason for losing hair at early stage of life. A statistics of American academy of dermatology shows that 80 million people have genes related hair loss. If any of your parent experienced hair fall at their early age then you will most probably going to be affected with baldness. You may have hair receding at very young age.


Hormonal Change


Hormonal change is taken place among women. During puberty and menopause woman loses lots of hormone. Most of the women are affected with hair loss due to hormonal changes before they reach 50. Girls temporarily loses hair at teen age when they reach to puberty. But within a few months it return to normal condition. Woman also loses hair when they give birth child or during pregnancy. Some women also claim that during pregnancy, they had increased hair growth but after giving birth they loses hair extremely. So if you are going to give birth child at your young age then you most probably going to lose some hair. But this hair fall will last for very short period of time.


Hair Caring Pattern


How you manage and handle your hair influences your hair fall pattern. At young age it is seen that people go for various way hair styling. They apply many hairs styling product. Using these hair products without knowing their suitability often causes extreme hair loss. Many uses heating tools to straighten hair, perms and curly hair. All these treatments without any consideration may lead to hair breakage. Shampoo that is more frequent harms hair follicles, which hinders hair growth.


Poor Diet


It is very common tendency among teenage to skip meal. They are not serious with their eating habit. They lead totally disorganized life at this period. They focus more on keeping their figure in shape and ultimately loses fitness and lack various nutrition. Therefore, they become weak and start losing hair. Some youngsters go after many ridiculous diets and become the worst victim of it. When you stop consuming required amount of food daily then your hair follicles become panicked. It stops growing hair or produce thinner and finer strands. Most of the women avoid consuming protein, as our hair strands are made with protein so the hair strands become weak. It is important to ensure that your hair is getting proper nutrients. So eat not to feed yourself but to feed your hair.


To prevent hair loss at young age it is not enough to be conscious for young people but parents should care and consult with their kids. At this stage of life, it is not easy to differentiate what to do. So they often do wrong things and suffers a lot. At the same time, young people should talk with their parents if they are having any problem.




What Causes Hair Loss in Teenage Girls?


Losing hair at old age is very normal but if you are in teen age and you are having extreme hair loss then don’t be surprised. Particularly young girls in their teen age loses some hair frequently. At teen age, girls have to go various physical changes, which affects health of hair. Normally any physical pressure influence hair and this pressure is expressed through some hair loss. Most of the people think that at old age hair loss can be accepted as old people have to face various work stress, multiple diseases.


Moreover, there are many factors involved with hair loss in teen age. So it is not a matter of concern and surprise. Naturally, teenaged girls have sacrifice some hair at the early part of their life. As teen age, girls are more anxious with their looks and appearance so hair loss at this age creates hazards for those girls.


Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls


A number of reasons are responsible for hair loss in teen age. Most of the reasons are valid and logical so it is difficult to prevent but some actions can reduce the extreme of loses.  




Most of the girls are whimsical with their eating habit. They are so diet conscious that they don’t take even minimum calorie for normal life. Due to ignorance, they choose wrong type of foods and become habituated in unhealthy eating habits. This unhealthy food habits is reflected through their hair and skin. It is often seen that girls follows a particular diet that lacks many nutritional. Nutritional deficiency mainly responsible for hair loss.


Hormonal Changes


Hormonal changes is essential part of life of every teenage girls. Particularly during puberty, they have to go through substantial hormonal changes. These hormonal changes affects our physical health as well as mental health. At this age, girls firstly experience with menstruation, which causes lots hormone secretion. So it is obvious their body will lack hormones which mostly leads to hair loss.




Some medication which are mainly taken during teenage such as menstruation controlling pill, birth-controlling pill etc. this pills affects the hormonal balance and causes hair loss. Some other medication such as over doses of vitamin A, beta-blockers, and anticoagulants etc. sometimes teenage girls takes pills for remedies of pimples, acne, thyroid etc. which also can causes hair loss. 


Over Styling


Most of the girls are concerned with their look and appearance. So they apply many unwanted styling options which causes further damage of their hair. Besides tight ponytail braid tug also damages hair loses. Some hair device such as hair straightener, curler, heater, dirtier etc. can create further problem. So you have to be careful in using this device more frequently.


Pattern Hair Loss


Although it is occurs mostly to adult woman but it may be a threat at teenage. This type of hair loss is seen during puberty of girls. It is genetic problem so girls face diffuse hair thinning at early age. When pattern hair loss takes, place scalp becomes more visible.


Steps to Prevent Hair Loss


As teen-age girls stays more concern with their appearance so it hair loss at this age causes great impact on their self-esteem. So if any teen-age girl is exposed with any sign of hair loss then it should not be ignored. Immediately you should consult your doctors. Nutritional deficiency or external environment that potentially causes hair loss should be scanned.


At teenage most of the girls are not well known with various health issues so it their parents duty to guide them properly and consult them if they are in any physical or mental problem. Parents need to hear their teenage girls so that they do not feel confused with any health issues that may cause hair loss.




Hormones Cause Hair Loss


Hormone is a biological mean to communicate across the body. A messenger convey biological massage to various part of the body. Hormonal imbalance leads to miscommunication and creates malfunction of the body.


Normally hormones emit from endocrine gland and flows through blood. It regulates body function. If any changes occur, it bring about substantial changes in the body. Hair loss is caused by mostly hormonal change. Most of the time woman are affected hormonal imbalance so that they loss hair due to hormonal changes.


Hormones that causes hair loss


For woman progesterone and estrogen are very remarkable. Both of the hormones are needed to produce at optimal level. If progesterone level is low then excessive estrogen may emit which leads to hair loss. Another problem of this imbalance is thinning hair but unwanted hair in face or body.


Male hormones


Hair loss not only happens to woman but also to men but the hormones are different. For men the term male pattern hair loss is used to imply hormonal changing hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone that leads to extensive hair loss to men. This hormone is also produced in woman’s body. Excessive amount of this hormone increases testosterone, which leads to hair loss. On the other side


Stress hormone


When you are in stress your adrenal gland become active. It leads to production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone increases amount of testosterone that boosts hair loss.


More or less thyroid


Sometimes excessive thyroid and little parathyroid hormone leads to hair loss. If you are suspecting hair loss due to thyroid then a simple blood test can help you to identify any problem with thyroid system.


Hormonal change due to pregnancy


It is very normal and happens to all woman at the time of pregnancy. At this time, hormones become imbalanced so hair loss is very normal at this period. Temporary hair loss will be all right within few months. If this is the reason then you don’t need to go for treatment as will naturally will get you hair back.


Drugs and pill


Some medication hinders normal hormonal activity. It also leads to hair loss. It happens to woman when they take birth control pill. Doctors suggest taking such pill, which contains very low androgen.




This is another sensitive time for woman when hormonal change influence their body substantially. Menopause causes low estrogen level and imbalance DHT level. This condition leads to temporary hair fall.




Pituitary gland, which is located in our brain, supplies a hormone called prolactin. When this hormone is emitted excessively then hair starts shedding.




When this hormone is responsible for hair loss woman mostly lose hair from their crown. But it does not lead them severe baldness. After childbirth Oestrogen, level increases and causes hair loss. This type of hair loss is seen after menopause. But this hormone reacts oppositely to men. Oestrogen boosts hair growth in men


Hormone is a very sensitive to human body. Hormonal imbalance creates very complex condition which leads much serious health issue and most of the time is exposed by hair loss.


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