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Hair fall is no longer a problem for adult. Butit becomes a problem for young people also. I have seen many young people suffering from hair fall. They feel so worried that they think they will go bald very soon. But trust me this is a absurd idea that hair fall leads to baldness. Sometimes it is but it’s not the only reason of baldness.


People suffering from hair fall face some common incident in their daily life. You may have experienced the same. Tell me what happens when you wake up early in the morning. Let me guess.


Having a sound sleep, you wake up early in the morning and you see a lot of hair in your pillow. Then you go to have shower. After doing shampoo you find some hair in your palm one more time. Finishing bath you take a quick brush even this time you see some more hair in your brush. These are the daily routine of your life. Isn’t it?


Although hair fall, is normal for every healthy human being. This is acceptable up to 100 hair every day. If your hair fall exceeds this number and it continues for few weeks then you can take advice from your doctor.


In the recenttime, there are lots of misconception prevailing about hair fall.

I have heard many people saying that applying shampoo everyday increases hair fall. Although you cannot apply shampoo, everyday as it is not a right practice. But it does not necessarily mean that it leads to hair fall. Rather applying shampoo cleans your scalp.


Once I saw one of my relative had shaved his head. I asked the reason. He said that shaving helped to grow thick hair. This is another suicidal idea for your hair.


Shaving head simply damaged your hair follicles. If your hair follicles are seriously damaged then it may results into permanent baldness. You must have seen some bald people with smooth scalp. Smooth scalp implies that hair follicles are permanently lost.


Using excessive oil is another misconception that is substantially prevailed among woman.

Above mention, ideas are just nonsense. I can write many misconception like these but the list will be long to make you bore easily. Of course, my purpose is not to make you bore rather to make you aware about the hair fall.


An important thing you should know that is you cannot reduce hair fall 100%. What you can, is to minimize hair fall.

Here I giving some natural but simple idea to reduce hair fall.


  • First, you have to take a balanced diet. It is said that balanced diet is a backbone of a healthy life. If the body lacks necessary nutrients, the hair will be weak and damaged.
  • Have iron and vitamin enriched foods. You can eat red meat, seafood, beans, spinach, and dried fruits to reduce iron deficiency.
  • Massage your scalp 10-15 minutes every day. It will increase the supply of oxygen-enriched blood to your scalp. Massage helps to reduce hair fall and regrow hair.
  • Keep your hair clean and use herbal cosmetic to care your hair.

Following these above-mentioned steps will undoubtedly help to minimize your hair fall.


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