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Dandruff is such a problem, which is seen in both gender without any discrimination. Plenty of example we have from male and female who are affected with dandruff problem excessively. Most of them allege that they are facing hair fall due to dandruff. But they don’t know that dandruff is not main culprit rather the itching is. When dandruff is appeared, our skin of the scalp become little weak. At the same time, it becomes infected that causes scratching. This scratching is the ultimate reason of hair fall.


Now you can understand that there is indirect connection between dandruff and hair fall.


Some facts of dandruff that indirectly causes hair fall

  • Dandruff makes your scalp skin dry, this dried skin urge to itch which leads to broken hair or hair fall.
  • There is also a deep relation between dandruff and hair fall. Dermatitis is a state of scalp skin, which promotes dandruff, and hair fall.
  • Whatever the cause of hair fall is, it is indirectly caused by dandruff. Trauma induced scratching or fungal infection both is caused by dandruff, which leads to hair fall.


What causes what?

Dandruff causes hair fall or hair fall causes dandruff, which one is right? Both of them are equally true. You have already known that dandruff indirectly helps to lose hair at the same time when you use shampoo for protecting hair fall it also causes dandruff in return.

When it is a hair fall problem due to dandruff, there are lot contributing factors such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, increased number of fungus and in some cases it happens due to wrong diet, particular sickness, unhygienic hair, wrong shampoo etc.

However, to avoid hair fall due to dandruff you can follow the steps given below.


Change your shampoo

If you can identify that hair fall is caused due to your shampoo then change it immediately. Take a milder one that contains zinc pyrithione; ketoconazole, coal tar and selenium sulfide etc.


Go with natural remedy

Natural solution is the best for dandruff, as it has no side effect in return.


Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic attributes, which fights against various skin and hair problem. To get best of it add some tea tree oil in your shampoo. Within a few weeks, you will find some difference of yourself.


White vinegar

White vinegar is also has anti dandruff properties as it is acidic liquid. It helps to protect your scalp from any fungal and bacterial infection.   


Olive oil

Olive oil is slightly warm and has deep conditioning properties. For this characteristics scalp remain well moisturized and nourished. Besides lemon, aloe vera, thyme, baking soda, fenugreek seeds has dandruff fighting properties.   


Use real anti dandruff shampoo

Zinc, pyrithione, salicylic acid, sulfur, coal tar, selenium-containing shampoo is going to help you to get rid of dandruff, wash your hair mildly. Remember don’t rub and leave hair for recommended time to let the shampoo works. Then rinse it with warm water.


Along all these treatment, keep massaging your scalp, as it is helpful in blood circulation. Try to avoid metal pressure as it can deteriorate the condition. Don’t forget to ensure a healthy diet that includes B-vitamins, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids which protects being affected with dandruff.



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