Hair fall treatment


Hair Fall treatment


You may have been exposed to a number of hair fall solution. Hundreds of advertisements are shown in TV that asserts the 100% guaranteed hair fall solution. But the fact is there is no such scientifically proved treatment that can give you a head of full hair. Some treatment has shown little success but still it is not fruitful for general hair loss. On the other side, these treatments has some potential side effect. So you have to be aware of those side effects.


Based on the types of hair fall doctor may suggest you the best option appropriate for your condition.


In my previous article,“Hair loss treatment” I have already described the types of hair treatment. Medication, surgery, cosmetic solution are not equally applicable for all.



Medication is sometime very effective in regrowing your hair. At the primary stage of hair fallit may prove its attribute. But the degree of success varies from people to people. Here are some medication that succeed to some extent.



Minoxidil tropical solution is mainly fruitful for the crown area. The patient must keep applying to get continuous result. As long it is used, the hair keeps growing. But after stopping it, the hair starts to fall again. It has some side effects such as itching, rash, readness on the scalp.



Finasterideis used for male pattern baldness. It helps to thicken hair that is already on the scalp. Finasteride needs some time to give result. It is not fruitful for all type of hair fall problem. Rather it is appropriate for some particular type of hair fall.


Surgical solution

If the solution is beyond the ability of medication then surgery may be thelight in the darkness. Recently the surgical option has become more popular as it is more improved than ever. It is also safe now for the patient.


Hair transplant

Hair transplant is restoration process of your hair problem. In this method, the hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area to the affected area. The surgeon collects the follicles from the pre determined are plant it on the scalp. During operation the patient experience, some bleeding on the scalp. That’s why it is a painful process for the patient. At the same time, it is expensive also.


Cosmetic solution

There are some other type of hair fall treatments that are less expensive without any side effects. These are hair fiber powders, Hairpiece or wigs and weaves.


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