Hair loss treatment


Hair Loss Treatment


Treatment of hair loss is associated with great variety of options that varies with pattern, intensity and duration of hair fall. You should be well known about your hair fall type and intensity. Otherwise, you cannot take proper decision regarding the treatment options.


Many people become confused in deciding what treatment option they should follow. This is because they don’t know what type of hair fall he is facing. Although it is not possible to determine the type of hair,fall due to lack of knowledge. So it is being advised to consult your doctor. Based on the type of hair fall the treatment option can be three types.


  • Medication
  • Surgery& transplant
  • Cosmetic solution


Among the three types of treatment, medication is applied at the primary stage. People who experience hair fall at lower level sometimes prescribed medication. Minoxidil, Finasteride etc are the mostly suggested medicine for hair fall.


But if the problem is beyond the solution of medication then surgical solution like hair transplant is the only way to get your hair back. Hair transplant is the most complex process among the all option. It is expensive also.


If there is no chance to regrow your hair the last option is using various cosmetic solution such as wig, weaves etc. This is the most safe and inexpensive option.


You can also try natural treatment that has no side effects and easily applicable.


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