Hair Loss in Children


Hair loss is not only a problem for matured person but also for children. Among the various reasons, hair loss of children is one for which parents visit doctors many time. Of course, it is a matter of anxious for you if your children are facing thinning hair or bald spots. But there is a light for being comfort that a proper treatment can remove this problem successfully.

Medically recognized reason for Hair Loss in Children

Most of the time it is seen those 26 months old or more aged babies suffer from hair loss. The reason can be any of the following conditions. If you find any of these condition then you should consult your pediatrician and take necessary treatment.

Tinea capitis: 

It is a ringworm which is seen on the scalp, this a fungal infection mainly happens to children. It may be seen in many ways. But most of the time it shows some sign in the form of scaly patches on the head and patches are round or oval in shape. Sometimes hair may be broken off on the surface of the skin. Then it looks like black dots on the skin of the head. If you suspect of affecting this then consult your doctor. Microscopic test can determine the problem. Treatment involves oral solution like or ketoconazole is given to remove the fungus. Be careful in using any things that touch the skin of head as it may cause infection to other part of the body.    

Because ringworm is contagious, your child should be careful not to share any objects that touch the head such as hats, pillow cases, hair clippers, or brushes.

Alopecia areata: it is not contagious like tinea capitis. It is mainly caused by poor immune system. It is seen suddenly without any symptom. Although there is no cure of it but it can be minimized through treatment. With treatment many have regain their hair within a year. But it may fall again. For children a strong ointment is applied on the scalp in the beginning. Sometimes steroid injection is used on the scalp. Minoxidil is widely used for treating alopecia. 


Often it is seen that children are pulling or rubbing their hair that leads to some hai fall. This type of problem is triggered by stress situation like death of dear one, divorce between parents etc. but scolding children is not the solution, you have to counsel your baby and talk with him or her to reduce. Another type of hair fall is traction alopecia, which is happened while making ponytail too tightly.

These are the main reasons of hair fall among children, but another cause of hair fall is telogen effluvium and it is a result extreme stress and anxiety. It is also incurable type of hair fall. Sometimes excessive consumption of vitamin A leads to hair fall. Nutritional deficiencies is also a primary cause of hair fall. So parents should ensure a balance diet for the children

Treatment of hair fall

For the young children treatment is very simple that is ensuring a proper nutritional; diet, keeping calp and hair clean and avoiding any somewhat chemical on the scalp. If you think that hair fall is occurring due to stress, then talk with him and cheer him up. If you see that, it is a serious issue and it is going out of control then consult with your doctor. He can suggest right course of action to handle this hair fall problem.

So try to identify the right reason of hair fall in your child’s case and then immediately go for solution before it has been too late.


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