Hair Loss Disease


Literally, hair loss is not a disease. It is a very normal to fall some hair in every day basis. Normally 50-100 hair sheds to every one per day. There are three stages of hair life cycle. Every hair has to comply these stages to complete these cycles. As we human being born, grow then die. Every hair also follows this same life cycle.


How hair loss is identified

As I already have said that, every normal person loses some hair on every day basis. That’s why a question may arise when should we consider that we are having hair fall? Well if you have sudden, excessive and unusual hair fall then you should talk with your doctor. Sometimes your doctor may require plucking some hair. Then he examine the stage of life cycle the hair is passing in the microscope. The stage of each hair will give right causes of hair loss.


Some diseases that causes hair loss

Hair loss itself is not a disease all time. It may cause due to some disease as a side effect. Some disease such as lupus, thyroid problem, cancer, pituitary, muscular dystrophy etc. causes hair loss. When any one is affected with lupus, his hair tends to be brittle and broken. This hair problem is mainly appears at forehead. Thyroid problem often causes sporadic hair loss. Sometimes heavy metal poisoning also causes hair loss. Besides muscular dystrophy, inflammation, syphilis etc. also are reason of hair loss.  


Hair loss treatment

Hair loss due to aging don’t need any treatment as it is part of life cycle. At the same time alopecia, areata causes clean scalp with time. But some people are concern with their look so they try to have a treatment that can minimize the loss. In this case, ‘corticosteroid’ a medicine is applied on the scalp or orally taken. Minoxidil and finasteroid are such medicine that work best for hair loss treatment. But it does not work for everyone. It works for those who are having hair fall problem very recently. Another matter is you will start losing hair again if you stop taking this medicine. On the other side, finasteroid is not appropriate for woman who are going to be pregnant or during pregnancy. Some people lacks particular nutrients like iron and zinc. To fulfill this deficit you can take some supplements, which are available in market. If there is any disease that causes hair loss then that particular disease should be treated first.


Adapt with hair loss

However, there are lots of option of hair treatment. It may prove unsuccessful to many to get back their hair. Then only one-option remains that is coping with hair loss. For most of the people, hair loss is a cause of depression. You have to cope up with the problem by many temporary solutions. Some people does not care their baldness. They wear their baldness very proudly. Some people even shave the rest of the hair to show off their baldhead. So be proud having bald.


People who have little hair in their scalp concern with their look. They become separated from family and society. They start being affected with other type of mental disease. But there are certain people who are also face problem with their hair. It’s not for having too little hair rather having too much of hair. So try to see the opposite side of a coin. Your metal strength will help you in long run. So if you can’t prevent hair loss. Then enjoy your baldness proudly.


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