Hair Loss Basics


Hair is dead organ of our body, which plays a significant role in developing an attractive personality. An insipid face looks outstanding with hair combination. At the same time, this attractive look may turn into incongruous if hair starts to fall. It is so depressing to lose hair that often it affects mental condition that turns into lack of confidence. Hair loss most of the time causes due to genetic reason. But sometimes other facts further deteriorate condition.


So it is necessary to know hair loss basics. First of all, a question may rise that why do we have hair? Although it is not completely known, why we have hair but many experts speculate that to cover and protect our scalp. It protects our scalp from warm and cold temperature. Our ancestor had more hair than we have today. It is not understood why we are having less hair day by day.


Anatomy of Hair


Hair grows from follicles that which is 3-4 mm in length and every hair shaft is 0.1 mm in width. There are five parts of follicles. These are

  • Dermal Papillae
  • Matrix
  • Outer Root Sheath (ORS)
  • Inner Root Sheath (IRS)
  • Hair shaft


Growth Cycle of Hair


Hair growing is complex cycle, which is divided into three phases. Anagen, catagen and telogen. In anagen stage, hair continuously grows for 2-7 years. The next phase is the shortest phase, which last for two-three weeks. In this phase hair growing stops. The last and final stage     


Type of Hair Loss


There are various type of hair loss. Symptoms of them varies with type of hair loss. Hair loss is known as alopecia. Due to different symptoms and characteristics alopecia is categorized in many types. These are


Alopecia Areata


It is very common type of hair loss and happens to any age of people. It cause s sudden hair loss and create patchy baldness.


Alopecia Universalis


When this happens the patient loses entire body hair. Patient loses eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit hair, puberty hair, scalp hair etc.


Telogen Effluvium


It take place when hair follicles goes through transformation phase. Many hair stays at dormant state. So the hair shedding become common.


Scarring Alopecia


This causes permanent hair loss. Due to this condition skin becomes damaged which leads to weak follicles. So hair starts to lose very frequently and most of the time it never grows back.


Causes Hair Loss


The causes of hair loss are many so it is bit tough for a patient to know exact reason of hair loss very often. The very common reason of hair loss is hormonal changes. At puberty, young people have to go through hormonal changes. Particularly girls are the worst victim of it. During menopause, they loses lots of hormones and nutrients. Genes also play a significant role in regulating hair loss problem. Along with some diseases and mediation of these diseases contributes in quickening hair loss problem. Immunes system sometimes mistakenly attacks hair follicles, which is also serious cause of hair loss. Besides some temporary causes may be noticed for hair loss.


Treatment of Hair Loss


Treatment of hair loss is determined by what type of hair loss a patient is having. Depending on type of hair loss and follicles needed to be tested. Sometimes doctors remove skin of scalp. This primary test will identify pattern of hair loss and steps of treatment of hair. In some cases, Minoxidil and Finasteride are used on the scalp, which stimulates the hair growing process. Besides patient has to ensure a balanced diet and stress free life. Some home treatment some work very good such as using essential oil, onion juice, garlic etc.


Having hair loss to some extent is normal for all but some effective steps can prevent to deteriorate the condition further. That is why it is necessary to have basic knowledge about hair loss.


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