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hair loss


Hair loss is a common phenomenon to many of us. It occurs when we have shower or take quick brush. I am sure you have also experienced this problem. Although it is quite normal. Many of you become anxious seeing few hairs on your palm while having shower or giving brush. Generally losing a certain number of hair is normal body function. But we cannot accept this normal fact because of ignorance.


However, you cut your nail on every weekend. It seems quite normal to you. Because it is related with cleanliness of your health.


On the other side, when it is a matter of your hair you cannot concede any hair loss. Because it isrelated with your looks. I saw many people who were in depression because of hair loss. They lost their confidence. They become shy and feared to meet the people. They just hid themselves at their home.


But the matter of regret is many of you don’t know the facts behind the hair loss. These facts are scientific and logical.

Have you ever asked yourself about why you loss some hair every day? May be you do. But don’t know the real reasons. I am explaining the facts behind the hair loss in a simple way.


There are many follicles in our scalp from where hair grows. Each and every hair has a certain lifetime. Normally the lifetime of every hair is near about three years. After this period,it falls and a new hair is replaced. For this cyclical process, we lose a certain number of hair every day. Generally, this number is more or less 100every day.


So don’t be panicked losing a few hair every day, It is medically accepted.


Once one of my dermatologist friends was telling that excessive hair loss could be symptom of serious health issues. If you are facing this problem then it needs a special attention. My friend was saying that before drawing any conclusion it is necessary to understand the degree of hair fall and category of hair fall.

For the common people like you may be a bit tough to determine the category and degree of hair fall. But don’t worry, I will make this process easy for you.


You may have noticed that some people from the same family are suffering from hair loss.  If you research their family history, you would see that their ancestor also suffered from hair loss or baldness. This is called hereditary hair loss.


On the other hand, you will also find some people who have no such hair loss history in their family but they are also suffering acute hair loss. It may happens because of some diseases, lack of proper nutrition, mental stress etc.


My attempt will be to clarify this entire problem in a simple way so that you can understand and identify your problem. For this, you have to study all the pages of this websites. In the coming articles I will discuss this problem thoroughly. Hope this will be helpful for all of you. 


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