Hair regrowth


Hair regrowth


Once you lose your hair, regrowing them is very tough. However, a lot of method is appeared in our society to regrow hair. Some are effective and some are merely a custom. You have already known how hair grows, falls out and new hair regrows again. It is natural process. That why you don’t need to take any steps to regrow hair. If the hair does not grow for longer period then it becomes a matter of concern. Here I am describing some natural steps to regrow hair.


Scalp massage

Proper blood circulation is prerequisite condition for hair regrowth. Scalp massage helps a lot in circulation of blood. You can gently massage your scalp with finger slowly. Massaging your scalp for a certain period every day will bring apparent result within a few weeks. You can use oil like coconut oil. Jojoba oil, almond oil for smooth massaging.


Avoid using hair product made with chemical

In commercially produced shampoo that contains sulfates is very harmful for health of the hair. Sulfates wash off the natural oil that results dry and brittle hair. So naturally made shampoo helps to grow hair.


Eating protein rich food

Protein is backbone of every diet. Protein rich food stimulate the hair follicles and helps to regrow hair.


Having omega 3 fatty acids

Although fat is considered harmful for your health but omega 3 fatty acids helps to improve the skin and the scalp. You can avocados, nuts, eggs, salmon fish, almond, carrots, fish to remove the deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids.


Drink plenty of water

You can regrow your hair drinking plenty of water. Like other s parts of the body your hair is also affected by dehydration. Make sure are drinking plenty of water every day.


Washing your hair deters hair regrowth

Washing hair every day creates huge pressure on your hair follicles. You hair follicles produce nourishing oil that is natural hair care. If you frequently wash your hair the natural oil wash away. At the same times pulling and tugging the hair also damage the hair growing follicles. Wash your hair in every three days and apply dry shampoo.


Don’t brush, use comb

Young girl’s uses brush instead comb. As a result They lost a lot hair. But combing is a kind of gentle massage that help to regrow your hair. Don’t brush and comb wet hair and use wider teeth of comb if your hair is curlier.


Avoid using hair-heating machine

Hair dryer straitening iron all this device will give you some temporary benefits but in longer period will lose your hair permanently.


Don’t trim too often

Trimming the edge of hair in every few months help to reduce hair fall and instigate hair-growing process. But changing hair style and cutting too often can make the condition worse.


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