Hair growth tips


Hair Growth tips


Along list of tips, you can find online that explains how it works. But the process how it works cannot potentially make beneficial, As you want some visible result that’s why I am not going to discuss in detail about how this tips works rather I am presenting some tips that bring some sure results.


Address other medication

Many people eat right food and spend relax life but still do not get expected hair growth. That is really a matter of great concern. If you were one of them then I would ask a question. Have you any other disease? Are taking any medication? I your answer is yes then I would suggest you to consult your doctor. Probably your medication are hindering the hair growing process. Your doctor can identify which medication is problematic for your hair growth.


Multivitamin pills

I have seen many people who eat many vitamin tablets unnecessarily without knowing the benefits and potential side effects. Multivitamin are good for your health if you lack that particular vitamin. I it is not so, It may cause some health complexities. Some hair falls out for lack of sufficient iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, B,C and E. If your hair if your hair fall is caused out of these vitamins, you can take necessary vitamins consulting your doctor. Another thing you have to keep in your mind that all the multivitamins will work properly if you are taking right balanced diet.


Stop torturing your scalp

In this modern time, we do not have enough time to take care our hair. We are more accustomed for taking some readymade service from the hair salon. To get some quick we are damaging our scalp. Hair dryer, strainer, and hair iron these entiredevices are harmful for your hair in long term.


Avoid everyday shampoo

If you have a habit of doing everyday shampoo, give it up right now. Using shampoo washes away the natural oil. As a result, your hair loses natural hair protector. Instead using every day, apply shampoo 2-3 times a week. Some people become so concern regarding their hair that uses everything what they hear around them. I strongly suggest you to use clinically approved product. At the same time check the product if it is allergic or not. You can take trial of every product before using permanently.


Cold-water rinse

Washing hair every day keeps your scalp clean and help to improve blood circulation efficiently. It will be more fruitful if rinse tour hair with cold water. Cold water increases moisture and prevents heating damage.


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