Zinc is such an elements that causes hair fall due to having sufficient or in sufficient amount of it. Zinc balance is a crucial for the active and effective body function. You know our body is build with a number of cells which production process is dependent on zinc. It is also responsible for keeping hormonal balance and absorption of vitamins. If the body lacks zinc then the it is revealed by some hair loss. Some other symptoms is also appeared such as diarrhea, skin lesions, muscle wasting etc.


Zinc balance and hair loss

If you take little, zinc or take excessive zinc both are not desired for the smooth body function. When you take extra zinc, it hinders the absorption process of other nutrients. Simultaneously it also increases production of testosterone that results hair fall. Extra zinc rich food sometimes causes gray and dull hair. On the other side lack of zinc also causes hair fall. Hair follicles structure changes due to lack of zinc. Consequently, your hair follicles loses the strength of to hold the hair. So you lose hair before the ultimate time.


Having right amount of zinc

Every one suffering from hair fall problem should be extra cautious in taking zinc rich food as both of the side they may lose more hair. Ensuring that you are taking too much or too little zinc can be difficult. But it is important to keep balance in the both side. When you are taking extra zinc your hair follicle lacks anagen process that leads you to hair fall problem. So try to know the right amount of zinc you need every day and try to take that particular amount of zinc, not more than that or less than that.


Sources of zinc

In our every daydiet, we are having plenty of zinc. As we don’t know the sources of zinc, we don’t know the amount we are having in our meal. So it is very crucial to know the sources of zinc although the sources of zinc rich food are few so it is not difficult to remember all of them.


  • Poultry
  • Liver
  • Soya product
  • Egg yolk
  • Shrimp
  • Wheat
  • Liver
  • Meats


You should know the required amount of every element in your diet that possibly help you to avoid taking unwanted zinc. 


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