Vitamin A


Vitamin A


Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for the body as it helps to grow all body cells. it is also crucial for growing hair. In one side, it plays a vital role for hair growth on other side it causes hair loss if extra dose of Vitamin A is taken. So there is a problem in both side. Being alert is important at hair loss because both situation may be responsible. It is difficult to identify whether the hair loss is caused by deficient or sufficient of Vitamin A.


How it causes deficient of Vitamin A

Malnutrition:Most of the people of the world are caused lack of nutrition due deficiency of Vitamin A. Protein rich food mainly meat of animal contains Vitamin A. Some vegetables also are rich on Vitamin A. If you don’t take enough meat based food then it is very likely to lack Vitamin A


Over emission of urine: Some people who suffers from over emission of urine have chance very to suffer from lack of Vitamin A. Due to over emission of the body cannot hold the Vitamin A as a result lots of complexities occurs to the body.


Lack of breast-feeding: The newly born baby who does not get enough Vitamin A faces many complexities in the next phase of life.


Besides these lack storage ability and mal absorption is also causes Vitamin A


How the symptoms are seen

The first symptoms that normally appears due to lack of Vitamin A is hair loss. Although if you are overdosed of Vitamin A, hair loss also can take place.


Along with the hair eye sight is also deteriorated in lack of vitamin C. Lack of vision ability, dry eyes, eye inflammation, slow growth of the body, dryness of skin etc are the general sign of deficiency of Vitamin A.


Treating deficiency of Vitamin A to grow hair

If someone is suffering from hair loss and it is detected that it is caused by lack of Vitamin A then having Vitamin A rich foods is the best option. You can also take Vitamin A fortified foods to fulfill the demand. Sometimes Vitamin A is taken orally. In the form of injection is also available. 


The sources of Vitamin A


  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Dark vegetables


Whatever form you choose make it sure that you are prescribed by a physician otherwise improper dose of Vitamin A also may cause hair fall.


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