Normally half-inch hair grows per month. But some people are not happy with the growth rate of hair. If you want to grow your hair quickly then protein rich food is the best option for you. You may have known that our hair shaft is made with protein. So what can be the best to take care other than protein. Proteincontents protects dryness and makes strong strands.


How protein help hair growth

Our hair is made of Keratin. If the keratin starts affecting by any reason then the hair shaft ultimately tends to be broken. Eating protein rich food new keratin can be produced. As aresult, the hair becomes stronger than ever. So everyone should eat 1.4-2.5 ounces of protein every day. Another important element that contains in protein is amino acid whose main role is to maintain hair growth. If your diet is not sufficient to produce amino acid then you will definitely face hair thinning.


Sources of protein for hair growth



Seafood such as tuna, salmonand shrimp is good source for necessary protein for hair growth naturally. Seafood mainly important for omega-3 fatty acid that stimulates hair growth very quickly.


Iron rich protein

A few kind of rare iron, which promotes hair growth, are found in protein. Red meat like beef, dark meat, seafood etc.that make blood cells inside the body.Besides these foods, there are some supplements also available in the market.


Egg mask

Instead of eating protein sometimes, protein pack is applied to the hair. One of the widely used protein pack is egg mask. After breaking an egg, apply it to the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with cold water. It will cover the hair shaft with protein content.



Before taking any protein treatment, consult with your doctor. As the amount of protein, vary from people to people. Excessive protein food may trigger many health complexities such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, weight gain.


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