Among various number of minerals and vitamins magnesium deficiency accelerates hair fall badly. The symptoms of lack of magnesium mainly shows evidence by various hair related problem. Although there are,other sign exist and it is very difficult to determine magnesium deficiency.Sometimes blood test is fruitful but blood stream represent only 1% of magnesium. It is mainly found in bones, muscles etc. Besides the hair fall problem some symptoms also is appeared by which you can be sure about magnesium efficiency.


  • Muscles problem
  • Nervous system problem
  • Heart problem
  • Tooth and bone problem
  • Insulin resistance
  • Insulin resistance


You already know that our hair emits from a skin structure called hair follicles that needs some vitamins and minerals to hold the hair strongly. Magnesium make the hair follicles strong to hold to its root as well as keep the strands intact. But when you wash your hair with harsh water the follicles lock become magnesium deficient, the hair starts falling out. Some other factors cause lack of deficiency of magnesium in body.


  • Processed food
  • Calcium supplement
  • Over medication
  • Alcohol
  • Aging
  • Genetic Disorder
  • Consumption of excessive sugar


As an adult, you must have 270-400 mg magnesium every day to avoid imbalance. If you want to sure that you are getting and lacking magnesium then ensure the following is done


Avoid caffeine

Excessive drinking of caffeine reduce the capacity of absorbing calcium and magnesium as result hair falls out.


Drink bone juice

In my child hood,my mother used to make chicken soup with bones and cow legs soup, which taste is still alive in my mind. These soups are good source of pure magnesium. Eating bone birth, you can directly reduce the lack of magnesium


Pumpkin seeds, spinach, Almond

Raw spinach accelerate the hair growth as well as almond, pumpkin seeds produce huge amount of magnesium.

Beside this sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and magnesium rich oil also reduce the hair fall thinning and hair falling problem.


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