Hair Growth


Hair Growth


Everything of our life maintain some definite steps of process. These steps are consistent and never cross each other. Even the hair that grows from the follicles of the scalp that follows a cycle of some steps. As a normal people, we know that everyday some hair falls out and some new hair grows back. But it is not that simple process. There are lots of thing that happens insides the scalp beyond our thinking. Have you ever thought why some hair falls out every day? We know that normally 80-100 hair fall out every day. but we never try to know why this specific number of hair falls out. Why not more that100 or less than 80. Because there are some natural process, take place inside our follicles of the scalp. The hair growing process is known as hair growing cycle. The hair that we see on our scalp is 85% of the total hair. Remaining 15% stays in dormant state. These active and dormant states continues throughout the whole life. But when this ratio become unbalanced the more hair falls out than grow. As a result we excessive hair fall. I will discuss more inside about the hair growth cycle. After knowing all the facts regarding hair fall I am sure your misconception will be removed. Your behavior with hair will more practical. Mentally you will feel relieved. If you catch the main theme of this article, half of the hair fall problem will be solved for sure.


There are three consistent stage of hair growth. Such as-

  1. The growth phase or anagen phase
  2. The transitional phase or catagen stage
  3. The resting phase or Telogen stage


The growth phase or anagen phase

Among three-stageanagen stage is the most critical one. This stage last two to six years. The people of Asia experience longer anagen stage of 7 years. In this stage, the average length of hair is 18-30 inches. Due to active metabolism, process of hair roots the formation of new hair take place and hair grows rapidly. If you feel stressed, face lack of nutrition then the hair growing process may slow down. As a result, most of the hair with anagen stage may shift the relogen stage. 


The transitional phase or catagen stage

After the anagen stage there is a phase named catagen stage that lasts only a few weeks. In this stage, the hair cell division stop and the follicles starts shrinking. Within a very short period, the hair detaches.


The resting phase or Telogen stage

This is the stage at which the hair falls out and it last only three to four months. During this perio the hair follicles remain in dormant state. Around 15% hair remain in dormant normally. After shedding a new hair shaft starts to grow within two weeks.


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