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types of hair loss


Hair fall is inevitable body function for everyone. For some people it is normal and for some it is abnormal. In abnormal cases, the type of hair loss vary with the causes. The causes includes the genetic effects, stress, various diseases etc. however aging also an important cause that is responsible for hair thinning.


Hair fall is more common in men than in woman. That is why it itself is a category that is known as male pattern baldness. Women also have their own category typically known as female pattern baldness. Although they do not face baldness. Have you ever seen a woman with baldness? Obviously no. The pattern of hair fall in woman is slightly different from men.


There are some other types of hair fall that you cannot identify ofyour own. For this reason,you have to take advice from your doctor. Only your doctor can tell you the type of hair fall you are suffering from.


I have seen some people who started hair fall treatment without having any sort of knowledge about hair fall causes, types, and treatments. As a result, they had deteriorated their hair fall problem instead of improving. For this reason, I want to present a clear picture about the type of hair fall to make you conscious. Although I am not advising, you to treat hair fall of your own.


Here I am giving a short list of types of hair fall.


·         Androgenic alopecia.

·         Alopecia areata.

·         Traction alopecia.

·         Cicatricial alopecia.

·         Telogen effluvium.

·         Trichotillonmania


These are the most common type of hair fall problem. In my next articles, you will get detail descriptions about all these types.

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