Hair Care Basics


Shiny hair is a long cherished dream for many people. Shine of hair is sign of healthy hair. People do many weird things for healthy hair. If hair is damaged it becomes dry and loses attractiveness. Hair type also affects how much of your hair will remain healthy. In keeping your hair healthy, a natural oil called sebum contributes a lot. Sebum works better for straight hair. Here I will discuss some basics of hair care.


Hair Care


Hair care mostly various due to type of hair you belong, your life style and the way you care your hair. If you have hair like curly or dry then the needs to care your hair will be very different from straight and shine hair. But whatever the type of hair you have, you need to be careful in handling your hair when it is wet. When hair is wet, it is easy to stretch which can seriously damage your hair strands. But many people uses hair blower or heater which can damage further the condition.


Some people experiences oily hair at their early age because their follicles produce more oil and this production of oil goes more enough than needed at the time of puberty. It is a good idea washing hair once in a day to remove oil. But you have to be gentle in handling your hair so that it is not broken or damaged. Sometimes you can use mild shampoo. Moreover, if you want to use conditioner take one, which is compatible with oily hair.


If your hair is dry then washing less frequently is good idea. You can wash your hair once in a week. As dry and curly hair is more brittle, so it is necessary to be cautious in using hair styling products. There are some hair shampoos and conditioner for dry and curly hair.       


What Affects Your Hair Health


Your activity level and type of activity also is a matter that should be brought under consideration. Suppose you are a sportsman and you spend lots of time outside exposing your hair to sun may be damaged very quickly. But when you are a swimmer your hair becomes drier so when you go outside it is necessary to wear hat.     


Hair Styling Product  


Hair styling such as using curling and straightening device makes your hair dry easily if these are used too much. When you hair is wet avoid using these devices. Before making any experiment ask an expert if there is any chances of damages.


Most of the hair salon are frequently apply chemical hair treatments as these shows quick results. If it becomes essential for you to go with chemical treatment then consult with a professional


If you want to straight your hair and plan another treatment then you have to take a break of at least 6 weeks between the two activities. Perms also convey same risk like straightener.


Coloring Hair


Coloring hair is sometimes good in taking care of hair but it is recommended to go with natural hair color. For example, natural hair color such as henna is safer although some people allege to have allergy using it so it can tested in small area first further application. Permanent hair color can causes hair fall, burning irritation skin damage, so it is good not to have permanent hair color.


Hair stylist suggest having regular hair cut to keep your hair healthy. Hair cutting helps to prevents hair splitting or damage. It improves healthy hair causes less breakage.

Along with these problems, you have to be active in handling dandruff, hair fall, hair breakage at the very primary stage as tiny ignorance can lead to serious issues.

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