Get Rid of Dry Hair


Hair is a most sensitive part of our body. Whatever happens to your health, the signs are revealed through your hair. When you are not getting necessary nutrients, your hair becomes dry. If your hair lacks moisture then it becomes pale. Dry hair happens to anyone at any age. But it most of the time happen at older age.


Hair consist of three layers. Upper layer of hair protects inner layer. Natural oil makes your upper hair shiny and healthy. When your hair is healthy, it looks sheen and luster. But when your hair becomes dry upper layer breaks down then it turns into unhealthy.


Reason of dry hair


Health of hair depends on a combination multiple factors. The factors are environmental, hair care products, physical condition. Here are some factors are given

  • Hot and dry climate.
  • Exposing hair in sun and wind.
  • Bathing with or swimming in chlorinated or salty water
  • Washing hair excessively.
  • Caring hair with harsh product.
  • Treating hair chemical made product.
  • Using electric iron, straightener,


Besides all these factors, some health problem also causes lack of hair moisture. Eating disorder or under nutrition causes less moisture in hair. Hypoparathyroidism is also another condition that is responsible for want of moisture. Menkes syndrome is a rare condition that causes lower absorption of copper. Low level of copper triggers dryness of hair.


Diagnosing of dryness


For diagnosing, you have to ask help from your dermatologist. He will need some information like how long you are having dry hair, how often you wash your hair, types of products you use, you diet, other type of symptoms. After knowing the information you may asked to do some test? For the test, your doctor will need some hair, blood, or urine to check other underlying causes of hair fall.


Problems of dry hair


Dry hair is primary sign of hair damage. It leads to brittle and broken hair. In advance, it causes hair fall and baldness.


How to get rid of dryness


People often think that shampooing everyday can improve your hair substantially. But this is wrong idea, you have to avoid shampooing your hair everyday otherwise it will make your hair harsh. Apply shampoo that suits your hair. Use conditioner whenever you wash your hair. Don’t do any chemical treatment. At the same time, avoid using devices like iron, straightener, blower etc.


Don’t go outside frequently. If it is necessary to go outside, cover your hair so that it cannot be exposed to sun. If the climate of the area you live in is hot and dry then wear hat to protect hair from windy hair. You have to also protect your hair from chlorine and salty water also. 


If any medication or diseases are causing hair fall then it has to be fixed first. If the underlying condition is not solved then whatever you do will not work properly. So consult with your doctor to find out the appropriate solution for you.


 Treating hair related issue is not as simple as it is thought. You have to follow the guideline your doctor asked carefully. Any deviation of the guideline can lead fatal condition.

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