Foods that Prevent Hair Fall


Broken hair or damaged hair on your pillow? Lots of hair in your brush or broken hair on your palm while applying shampoo? You are not alone who are suffering from this problem, there are many victims who are having same problem. There is few options to improve this situation because falling some hair on everyday basis is very normal. We all have almost 200000 hair strands and almost 100 strands fall out every day. Based on the calculation we almost lose 36000 hair strands, but don’t be panicked this hair are not gone forever. They are regrow within a few months. Our hair strands are changed in every seven years.


This is the general idea of hair life cycle. So it is obvious to lose some hair everyday but sometimes the hair falls out more than normal. Due to some facts dormant phase of hair growing process prolong. So some mechanism help to improve the condition. You food habit regulates this hair life cycle most. So you have to ensure that you are having some specific foods that promotes hair growth. Here you are going to have some food option that helps to maintain a hairline.




Our hair strands are made with protein so to maintain a good hair it is obvious to provide our body with plenty of protein intake. Protein helps to grow new strands and maintain the strength of existing strands. Keratin is a key element of hair for which production protein is essential. High quality of protein comes from sea based protein sources like salmon. Salmon also rich with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin, which are other nutrients required for healthy hair.




If you prefer topical treatment then applying honey is more effective and easy to treat hair-thinning problem. A study shows very positive result claiming improvement of hair loss problem when honey eaten and applied on the scalp.


Nuts and Seeds


The journal of cosmetic dermatology conducted a research on hair loss. Part of the research some people were given nutritional supplement rich with omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. The results were overwhelming almost 90% people reported to have reduced hair loss, regrowth and thick hair. This type of nutrients are mainly found in nuts and seeds. Besides, you eat flaxseeds, walnuts, sunflower, and sesame oil.




Who have hair fall problem mainly suffers from lower iron and vitamin D2. For those people spinach is a good option to as it contain iron and vitamin C. spinach is very good at slowing down your hair fall problem. Eat salad of spinach made with eggs and mushrooms.




If you want to have dramatic result of your hair loss problem, then zinc is a super element to provide concrete result very quickly. All the patient who are suffering from alopecia areata are found with lower zinc level in their body. Oyster is rich with plenty of zinc comparing to other foods.




Egg is a multi-beneficial food that helps mostly to prevent hair. One of the major nutrient that is found in egg is sulphur. It is such an element that is found in every cell of our body especially in our hair and nails. Sulphur increase blood circulation, which is precondition of healthy hair. Besides, it promotes metabolism. Sulphur triggers blood circulation so your follicles get required amount of nutrients.


Silica Intake


Silica is another element that hair follicles require for better growing process. If enough silica is taken then your baldness will be prevented and hair growth will get a new momentum. There are many foods that contain silica such as strawberries, green and red peppers, millet, barley, wheat, cucumbers, oats, rice, bean sprouts, potatoes, and asparagus etc. but don’t consume any processed foods because during process most of the silica intake reduces. To get maximum silica eat only organic or natural foods.


The essence of vitamin E in keeping healthy hair is not to need to say twice and this essence can be fulfilled beans and legumes. The antioxidants that contain in the beans boost circulation. Sometimes include whole grain, poultry, fruits, carrots, shrimps, dark vegetables etc. to make your meal balanced.  

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